Is it good or bad to exercise while intermittent fasting?

One theory is that exercising in a fasted state may help burn fat. The body needs sugar or some sort of energy to perform well while exercising. Normally, the energy comes from sugar molecules, which are stored as glycogen in the liver. If you start exercising, you’re more likely to deplete those stores and then your body has no choice but to go into a more anaerobic breakdown to give you the energy you need. Instead of burning through sugars that aren't available, your body is forced to burn through another energy source: fat.

But you may not have enough energy to exercise as intensely as you normally would. Peak performance or even feeling good while exercising is much easier to do if you eat.

What can I eat to speed a sluggish metabolism?

There are a few factors that can influence and optimise the TEF (thermic effect of food). You’ll get a slight boost if you’re eating sufficient protein (foods like chicken, tuna, eggs, chickpeas and Greek yogurt), and this macro has another advantage. It keeps you fuller, longer, so it helps manage hunger.

Swapping processed and manufactured foods for whole ones is the other way to maximise the metabolic boost you get from eating. Think of it like this: Once food is processed, it’s much easier for your body to grab the energy (another way of saying ‘calories’) it needs. That means you’re not going to burn as many calories from eating processed foods as you are from eating foods in their whole form.

What are some great ways to make my kids love nutrition and sneak in those healthy foods?

Kids are not wired to like vegetables. Research shows that most kids need to see vegetables 10 to 20 times before they will even try them. Don’t give up. Also, all people have different tastes, so try serving vegetables in different ways. Try vegetables cooked and raw when introducing them to your kids. Perhaps some melted cheese or butter may increase their intake. Try mixing low-fat cottage cheese, or plain Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of dry ranch dressing mix and serve it as a dip with raw vegetables. The dip is high in protein and low in fat. Kids love to have ownership over their food. Try taking them to the store and finding new fruits or vegetables they’ve never tried.