Chocolate hues

Whether you're headed to the paint store and want to consider a beautiful brown paint, or you want to accessorise your living space with hints of brown, it's a colour that's often overlooked. While not as trendy as its navy blue or crisp white counterparts, brown is an incredibly versatile colour that creates a sense of calm and comfort in any living room. Want to give rich chocolate browns, camels and caramels a try. Here’s your guide to get started. Read on:

Add a dash of neutral colours, undulating design, and ancient artifact sentiments to your home with a floor vase like this one here.

Create visual impact without compromising on luxury with this stunning brown leather and cotton pillow.

The warm chocolate hues and bold geometric patchwork of this area rug makes it a perfect addition to your brown themed home.

Accentuate your space with this decorative coffee table tray which spruces up any room with its rusting charm and beautiful design.

Brown wood furniture is a must-have in typically any home decor theme. That said, this corner shelf makes a great decorative solution for challenging wall spaces.

Make the most out of your deck or backyard with this smart bench.

A handwoven leather Acapulco chair adds both style and practical function without taking up too much visual space in your living room.