Beats Fit Pro earbuds about to roll out soon

Beats’ best earbuds yet, the Beats Fit Pro, were only available in the United States immediately upon their release a few months ago. Apple then launched the earbuds in China, but now they’re set to become much more widely available in January. That’s when the Beats Fit Pro will launch across Canada, Europe, and Japan. The Beats Fit Pro include flexible wingtips that help them stay anchored in your ears without coming loose – even during exercise. As in the US, the Fit Pro earbuds will be offered in black, white, gray, and purple. They feature the same active noise cancellation system as the AirPods Pro, IPX4 water resistance, and also support head tracking when listening to spatial audio. Battery life is rated at up to six hours on a charge, with the case good for another 21 hours. But they maintain most of Apple’s ecosystem tricks while delivering arguably better, more powerful sound in a fit that offers superior stability.