Congratulations @iamhumayunsaeed well deserved. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer, kinder and a humble person. It is your humility that has brought you this far. #TheCrown

The news of Humayun Saeed to be casted as Dr Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani surgeon who was Lady Diana’s love interest, in Netflix’s The Crown spread like wild fire. Netizens were joyous to have a first time representation by a Pakistani actor on the streaming platform. Armeena khan congratulated the actor on achieving this milestone.

I am heartbroken to see images from Murree. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones. Please check travel advisory before traveling in extreme weather conditions.

Many tourists stranded in their vehicles succumbed to the extreme weather during a snowstorm in Murree. The country was left stunned when the news of 22 deaths owing to a deadly blizzard in the Murree district hit the mainstream and social media. Saba Qamar, among other celebrities, grieved the tragic incident which shook the entire nation.

I had such a great time at the Gamers Galaxy. Not only was it a fun-filled event but it also opened up the gateway to Esports (something we very much needed). I’m really happy to see new avenues like this happening in Pakistan! @GalaxyRacerPak @TenPakistan @DewPk #GamersGalaxy

Pakistani gamers chase Esports glory in Gamers Galaxy, one of the biggest ever Esports tournament held in the history of Pakistan. It is believed to be opening new era of gaming with ultimate Esports experience. Actor Yashma Gill was a part of the happening event and couldn’t be more proud.