The Family Plot

A crime-obsessed family is forced to unravel a murder that hits close to home in The Family Plot by Megan Collins. Years after she left her eccentric family of true-crime devotees behind, Dahlia returns home after her father dies. However, things take an unexpected turn when the body of her long-missing twin brother shows up in her father's grave.


Zoje Stage, the author of Baby Teeth, returns with another chilling thriller that will definitely make you lose sleep at night. In Getaway, three friends leave the world behind as they set off on a hike through the Grand Canyon. But they don't get very far before many secrets and long-simmering animosities bubble to the surface.


Nina Dean does the impossible in Ghosts by Dolly Alderton: she finds her perfect match on a dating app. At first, Nina's new relationship is everything she could possibly want. But when her dream guy ghosts her, she's forced to confront all of the things in her life she's been trying to ignore, including her father's Alzheimer's diagnosis and her childhood best friend's disappearing act.