• 22 Jan - 28 Jan, 2022
  • Ayesha Adil
  • Fiction

The Morning Dew: Blog entry

The subject of my blog today is writers block. Writers block is a serious issue and I have to admit like other writers I suffer from it very often. Too often. A little too often for my comfort. Did I mention how often I suffer from it? Its pretty often. Phew...

And each time that I am inflicted with this condition I am clueless as to how to get out of it. I am so miserable, its hard to explain how terrible I feel. And no matter what I try to do to get out of it I kind of sink deeper. My writer’s block is like quick sand. There’s no way I can get out of it. My readers will be wondering if there are things that I try. Yes of course there are. I try reading. But then I get so immersed in the reading that I forget that I need to write something too. Then at times I watch movies and the same thing happens. I begin watching the movie and it slips my mind that I needed fixing.

Today however I decided something different. I made a nice cup of tea and I placed a few dainty biscuits on a plate. I took my treats to my desk where I proceeded to to sit down comfortably. I brought out my laptop and began to just write. I decided to write about anything that comes to mind. Just pen the thoughts down as they come. Just put it all down onto paper. Reach my word count and then be done. Sounds good I think. Let’s get at it then.

It seems like such an uphill task and only if you are an artist or a creative person will you know the challenge. Most days when I have writers block I don't even try. But I'm into week three without putting up anything and to be honest I'm just feeling tense about it. I write because it gives me happiness and I want to feel that joy.

You know that’s the thing with writer’s block. When you get it you feel as if you'll never get out of it. Its like Sisyphus taking up the rock. You’ll be in a loop of stress and nothing comes to you. And honesltly it feels like you’ll never be able to write anything ever again. Too dramatic? I agree.

So, to help in drastic times I've searched Google and YouTube and I've taken out tips and strategies to try and get a hold of this snow ball effect but I've never really been able to identify what will bring me out of this state of mind. And its very consuming. Its torturous. Its like I'm in some writing hell. I keep saying that I'll write something tomorrow and then the next day and all that happens is nothing. Tomorrow comes and goes and the next day too.

Maybe I'm too hard on myself. Maybe because I've always written about major things in life that I keep looking for those big things, that great story, that great inspiration, the best time in the day, the best moment. I can go on and on. I'm aiming for a higher word count here. See my point?

But then didn't I start this blog to write about the little things in life. Isn’t that what my blog opens up to? To quote: “I write from the heart and I write about the little things that go ignored and are forgotten about in life. But they are important to remember.”

And I write because I enjoy it. Writing helps me heal. I use writing to let out pent up feelings and emotions and regrets and pain. I write to share. I want my readers to see and notice how our lives are in fact very similar and how in fact deep down we all want the same things; in case of course we are serial killers then the tables turn. That's a little extreme though.

So, I want my readers to use my blog as a mirror to see themselves and to know themselves better. Also maybe to filter out their own thoughts and feelings. The blog is meant to give them a cathartic experience. I write my stories for the same reason.

Having said that what is my blog “teaching” them today? Well for one its possibly helping the creative ones out there to deal with their own writer’s or artist’s block. Though did I really help. I will let you leave your comments for the end.

In saving face for myself I would say that I think I've reminded you all the importance of the little things in life. I think we've all become a generation of people who complain too much. Life can never be perfect and it will never be. The people around you will never be perfect. They will always let you down in more ways than one. But what we have to do is appreciate the better things in life and continue counting our blessings. We are all flawed, even you are flawed in many ways. Be honest with me. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you are perfect? Ok get real; you aren't and you know it too.

And even in the worst of circumstances we have something to be grateful for. I cannot believe that we don't. I think the main reason why we aren't able to enjoy that blessing when it comes to us is because it comes to us by surprise. Or maybe because we had been praying so hard for it and it didn't come to us then but it came to us when we had completely forgotten about it. And once that moment is gone we convince ourselves that we don't need it and then wham here's that blessing and we're like what do we do about this now? It can frazzle you temporarily.

I think the best thing to do about it is to appreciate that the heavens finally blessed us with something we desperately wanted even if what we wanted was so many months ago and maybe even years ago.

And let’s stop fretting over the meaningless stuff that will eventually pass and let’s look at the bigger picture because when we do this we always find solace. I think we are all damaged goods and we are managing through the day using our own devices and we’re all trying our best. That child of yours is struggling with conflicts that you don’t even know about. That dad is trying to bring home the bread in the best way he can and you don’t know how hard it is for him. The mother who thinks she’s not doing enough is still trying her best. We are all in some sort of struggle. Just because you dont know doesn’t mean its not happening.

Get through the day with kindness and love and care and more good stuff. And with that I think I was able to get out of writer’s block pretty effectively, don’t you?

And then we open Facebook and find out that Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet split after 16 years of marriage. WHAT!!!

And you secretly pray that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski never split up. And with that life goes on.