Paranormal Astrology

  • 22 Jan - 28 Jan, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Richard and Pamela no matter how much they have loved each other but they still had some secrets among each other. However, it was not as secretive as much as Richard was but they had to understand that not being too much open with each other and not being 100% honest to each other can eventually lead to a destruction in their marriage. But not that it happened earlier, this time the things were meant to get even more complicated and more destructive and were not the way that they happened earlier why because this time, these losses were actually meant to be irrecoverable. This was meant to be the eventual consequence of how Richard was planning to move ahead with his marriage. What were his plans, these were unknown to his wife Pamela who was very caring and deeply sincere with him. Richard valued her feelings and also valued the fact that she was very nice and caring regardless of how he treated her but in the end he was looking ahead to meet those fortune tellers and then the palmists once again. These matters got seriously effective and Richard was simply underestimating the sensitivity of these issues. These were obviously meant to get eventually horrifying and treacherous but Richard was an ordinary human being and of course she had no clue about what actually the paranormal astrology was. These were the points of concern that Richard actually underestimated and did not fear about as much. Deep down, he was very guilty and he was consciously thinking about what he was doing with his wife but he was simply justifying his actions by convincing himself that no matter what he was doing he was eventually doing it for the betterment of his family and his wife's future. Did these things matter to Pamela was she eventually going to get upset and hurt about how her husband was hiding some truths and realities from her only time could tell that but Richard had no option but to believe in the comments and Fortune tellers who were not quite sincere with him and were simply making use of his intellectual property.

Richard, one day, finally met Rachel who was actually complicating the matters for him and the way they had their conversation was the same as it used to be juice well she used to tell him about what was going on in his life and he used to simply believe her, instead of reconsidering what he was saying and believing was actually make the matters very complex and he was simply unconsciously enjoying his conversations with her as he knew that there might be some hope regarding seeing betterment in the future. Likewise, the matters were for Mr Wallace who regardless, of how strange he appeared was simply giving hope to Richard regarding what he could do in his future and how Richard could move ahead by making things even better regarding his career and his job. Mr Wallace was giving him options regarding how he could keep all the matters hidden and secretive from Pamela. What matter to two people around the different organisations was not the concern of Richard were what his concern was that how he could get his job which was information and the kind of knowledge he was sharing appear to be really attractive for him. He believed in everything he heard from Mr Wallace and noted it down in his diary and decided to move ahead no matter, and how these things would lead him forward, so regardless of how much committed he was to Pamela, Richard was simply seeing Rachel and Mr Wallace secretly and he was noting down whatever they were telling him and quite subconsciously he was enjoying all these matters and the conversations. Mr Wallace and Rachel were more like a family to him rather than just professionals or some sort of fortune tellers, he was constantly meeting them and was visiting them on regular basis and their conversations were also appearing to be from the meetings that they had and their words were appearing to be true and really attractive for Richard which were enough to fool him like they had always did. The world of fortune tellers and palmists was quite sharp in attracting more and more people towards them and they were spending really less and earning more than they could expect, this was the reason why their business for going really well and it was growing with the passage of time. The growth of the of business of these people was beyond the expectations and imaginations of ordinary people, this was actually quite an offence to the general public and the society but most of the people were unaware of these only because they were not sharing their experiences with people around and so was the case of Richard, if only Richard had consulted some ordinary people and normal people he would never have felt all these trouble than he would have gone through all these problems the way he was currently going through. Likewise, the matter was getting really serious when he had not listened to his wife earlier before and the matters got so troublesome even from the previous ones that he and his wife nearly separated but now matters were the same again and he was continuously seeing these people as he was seeing them before. Could he satisfy his own self or may be could he satisfy his own conscience? These were the current issues of concern that were eventually meant to be in the longer of time raise concern in his mind. He probably was not worried about his own future and his own self but he was definitely worried and concerned about his wife Pamela. Since his or her latest shares and how much she actually cared about him these were the recent thought that actually provoked him and motivated him to do something better actually for someone else besides himself. Earning a job for a livelihood was not what actually matter to him what she really matters to him was his life with Pamela and how properly she was being taken care of.

Most of the times, Richard was actually concerned with the scenario that were in any way connected with the changes found in in his everyday routine he had to make sure that familiar was not suspecting him in any way and she would not find out either. Sooner or later, regarding what he was doing it had been in nearly two months since their reunion that Richard was still keeping these relationships with people that he was not completely aware of and he was simply providing benefits to them and they were making either fool of him or they were either being absolutely honest with him and telling him what he had to do with future.

However, Richard was an innocent and a fool person who did not know how he was being misused and what could happen to him in the near future he was simply concerned about what was happening with him in the present time and how soon he would get a job that he was promised about. These became an issue of concern when Richard simply try to talk his wife into these matters and he realised that he should have done this but he actually did talk to her by asking her to believe in this in the stuff for amount. However, when camera refused to agree with him he simply w Island and realised that if it weren't for his stupid concerned he would have made her suspect her but now that he had talked to her about this he knew that he had given birth to suspect and different suspicions in her mind.

“Can you hear voices of people who are not even there?”

“I don’t know the difference between spirits and normal people.”

“Can you describe how spirits look like?”

“I don’t know about any other look besides how you and I look.”

“So, you are saying that these spiritual characters that you see are none other than like ourselves?”

“I don’t know what to tell you. These people are no different than anyone I see. They just claim that they are supernatural humans; apart from that they appear absolutely normal like all of us.”

“This is getting scarier. Are you sure these are not hallucinations?”

“I was expecting that. I knew you were going to ask that. You are a psychologist; you think in your own way.”

“I am asking you from every angle. Because I have to…”

“Who are you? What do you know about this world of supernatural activities?”

“Not much. But I do know that this world does not actually exist.”

“Don’t get me started, please. Just tell me what I should do.”

“At the moment, you just need to cooperate with me. Tell me the truth, who are these people you are seeing.”

“These are people who are no different than anyone else. They just claim that they are…”

“…Maybe they are lying to you. I mean they are just playing pranks with you.”

“It is possible. But I just really want to get rid of them.”

“Don’t worry. You just have to change your company. Just stay away from these people and you will never hear from them again.”

“No… I have even travelled to a foreign country. They have followed me there as well. Getting rid of these personalities is not quite easy.”

After this meeting, Richard was feeling deeply guilty about how he was actually breaking his commitments with his wife. He went on to think about his wife’s kindness once again,

“Pamela, my love, my heart, my soul. How are you?”

“I’m good. How are you Richard?”

“I am broken. I am nothing without you. I want you back in my life.”

“I want us to be back together as well.”

“I’m really sorry about what happened. I was really wrong. I should have never done that. I was a really bad person. But I will change. I promise that you I will change.

I will improve myself.”

Pamela stopped him by holding his hands through hers.

“Richard,” she said, “you don’t have to apologise for anything.”

“Oh, come on Pamela, you can’t forgive me that easily. You have to say something about my behavior. Scold me may be but please say something at least.”

“It’s okay. I have kept our past behind us.”

“No Pamela, please. Please, don’t be so kind on me.

I deserve a little punishment from you. You can’t forgive me that easily.”

“It’s okay, Richard, please let’s just move on. What matters is that we will be together

once again.”

“Oh, my God Pamela! Your kindness really has no match.”

Richard said in a state of shock, “I literally have no words to describe how beautiful you are as a person. I thought I would never see happiness in my life again, but I was so wrong. You are my life, you are my happiness. You are all that I have in this entire world. And I really love you so much.”

“Thank you Richard. Thank you so much for coming. I was waiting for you to come to me since the first day, I was waiting that you would either make a call to me or come over to ask me to return. I’m really glad that you did this.”

“We both were wishing for the same thing to happen. And it eventually happened. I’m so glad about it.”

After coming back from his flashback, Richard went on

to think,

These people that I’m seeing. Rachel and Wallace. Are they actually Real? How can I find this out?


Several days later, one day, Richard was standing still in a state of shock and grieve and he was continuously looking at the dead body without blinking his eyes even for a second. But whose dead body was this?

This was the dead body of no one but besides of his beloved wife Pamela.

Yes, Pamela was dead.

to be continued...