Aiman Khan and Jannat Mirza get into a social media spat

Celebrity feud

Ah, celebrity feuds. As much as we may hate to admit it, we all love some good celebrity conflict now and then (maybe even more than a good celebrity love story!) – and there has been no shortage of them in recent years, with plenty of harsh words, Twitter fights and even full-out brawls between famous faces. The most recent celebrity feud was between actor Aiman Khan and TikToker Jannat Mirza. The actress appeared on the new season of Voice Over Man and had quite a lot of things to say that made the netizens upset, like her opinion on actresses getting married young otherwise they’ll end up staying unmarried. One of her remarks that sparked a social media spat was when the host Wajahat Rauf asked her to give an advice to Jannat Mirza and to that she said that the TikToker should wear less makeup. Upon this, Mirza responded to Aiman’s comment with a video saying that someone with a lot of makeup and surgeries should not be telling other people what to do. She later also said, “The girl who advised me once body-shamed Mawra (Hocane) too amongst some other well-known names of the industry.”