Waist belts!

  • 12 Feb - 18 Feb, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Accessories fall under one of two umbrellas: those that provide utility and those that lend embellishment. The waist belt trend falls confidently in the latter category. And while its duty is not to keep your pants from sliding down, this niche look is beginning to spread like wildfire among the fashion set. Designers are digging the accessory, too. This isn’t the waist belt’s first rodeo, though. But this time around, the trend feels a bit more artisanal and better integrated into the rest of the outfit. It’s like a piece of jewellery, but instead of draping it around your neck, it’s meant to accentuate your midriff. Ahead, a few designer pieces that are kicking off what’s sure to be a very interesting trend cycle.

1. An ode to classic sophistication with a contemporary twist. Cinch your ensemble at the waist with the accompanying hand-embellished belt to create a contemporary, forever-flattering silhouette.

2. A pristine ivory organza jacket, is adorned with sumptuous silver embellishments. For a striking glamorous look for any occasion, tie the jacket along your waist with a belt.

3. A beautifully crafted ensemble for this winter festive season; an ebony velvet choli, paired with a matching lehenga having ruffle edging, styled with a worked velvet belt.

4. Cut from embroidered organza and shimmering sequins along the neckline and on the belt, it can be styled Eastern or Western, day to night, chic or formal.

5. Dress like a mermaid in this ash white embroidered gown. The gown is held together with a silver hand-embellished belt giving this dress a majestic look.

6. This chiffon kaftaan style shirt comes with a waist belt to accentuate the outfit. The belt has a beautiful motif worked in gold and silver.