Tehreek-e-Kashmir Denmark organised a conference on Kashmir Solidarity at the Danish Parliament on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February. The conference, was attended by the Ambassador of Pakistan, Members of Parliament, representatives of human rights organisations, members of the City Council, as well as Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora.

The speakers expressed serious concerns over the grave human rights situation in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They noted that the Kashmiri people were undergoing untold atrocities such as unlawful detention, extra judicial killings, use of pellet guns, molesting and raping of women, which were completely unacceptable. They stressed that it was incumbent on the international community to raise their voice against these violations. All this amounted to state terrorism and genocide. They also demanded for a resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Leading Danish author, novelist and human rights activist Janne Teller, who has raised her voice on the Kashmir issue at every possible forum and was also awarded the highest presidential award by Pakistan for being the voice of Kashmir spoke openly against the Indian oppression and said that a tipping point had been reached where the international community must act.

Speaking at the conference, Chris Lauson, CEO of Crossland Limited and a former professor at Niels Brook Business College, said, that he had decided to stop doing business with India until it stops human rights violations in Kashmir.

Denmark's ruling party, the Social Democrats’s parliamentary candidate, who has also been elected city councilor several times, Ms. Luis Mahenke, said that this conference had made her very aware of the Kashmir issue. She expressed that not only her words of solidarity were with the Kashmiris but her feelings and sentiments were also for them. With teary eyes she said that she was saddened by the plight of the Kashmiris.

Niko Grunfeld, a Danish parliamentary candidate and former mayor of culture in Copenhagen, said that without hesitation and shame, we should openly state that India has perpetuate the worst atrocities in Kashmir and it is violating the human rights of Kashmiris in every possible way. Now it must end.

Jens Kristofersen, a candidate for the European Parliament and a representative of the Alternative Party in Denmark said that what India was doing in Jammu and Kashmir was unthinkable for a Dane and completely unacceptable.

Abbas Rizvi, a member of the Danish parliament, said his political party Radikale Venstre is a party that has always been at the forefront of supporting the Kashmir cause and has passed a resolution in his party to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Sikandar Siddique, member of Danish parliament and founder of the Free Greens Party, said that he was the first member of parliament to fight for the rights of Kashmiris inside parliament, writing articles in a Danish newspaper. He stated that Kashmir issue will be part of Danish politics.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Denmark, Mr. Ahmad Farooq, said that Pakistan will continue to provide, political, diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmir cause at every forum until the Kashmiris attain their right to self determination. He said that Pakistan considers the pain of Kashmiris as pain of its own body. Is. He further said that Kashmir was at the core of the relations between Pakistan and India and had resulted in three wars between the two countries. The international community must play a role in settlement of this issue.

Finally, certificates were distributed to all participants of the meeting.