Health is a very important element of our life because a healthy person enjoys a happy life. Workout plays a very important role in keeping a person healthy. It tones your body and stretches muscles to help them burn more fat. Both exercising and eating a balanced diet are essential towards leading a healthy life. Implementing these two strictly in your life can greatly improve your health and contribute to life longevity.

In this modern era, people find it increasingly difficult to spare time for proper exercise. "I don't have enough time” is everyone’s favourite excuse, even though working out daily is equally important for everyone, irrespective of their age and gender. Not only can they improve their overall health by including more physical activities in their daily lives, but can also add more energy and fun to their otherwise monotonous routine. In addition, there are different types of diets and exercises available for people belonging to different age groups and for specific parts of the body.

You can always pick out the most convenient workout place for yourself. It can be a gym, an open-air park or even your own home! Running, swimming, gardening, bicycling and skipping are some activities that are good for maintaining a healthy physique. Gym equipment that help make your workout easier and effective include nautilus machines, treadmills, weights and even balls.

To obtain maximum satisfaction and results from working out, you need to prioritise it in your life and make it a habit. Find yourself an appropriate exercise or physical activity, develop sufficient willpower to follow it daily, use different tactics, wake up early morning to work out and try setting goals for yourself by keeping an eye on their benefits to ease the process of achieving them. Start by doing simple walks then incorporate some light exercises, gradually increasing the time duration. It is essential to pick an exercise that would benefit your body the most. You can put on some fun music to boost your morale and stay motivated, as it will help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals. Remember that your body needs to stay in motion to function properly, just like any other machine.

Some factors that should be considered while choosing a proper diet and exercise program for yourself include weight, cholesterol level, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, metabolism, hormonal levels, history of diseases and blood pressure. Do not adopt a workout pattern or a diet before consulting a licensed nutritionist or fitness trainer first.

The following are some benefits of working out:

• Reduces risk of a heart attack, keeping heart muscles strong, allowing it to function more efficiently.
• Makes body stronger and more capable of fighting countless viruses.
• Helps in reducing and controlling blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels.
• Reduces the risks of stroke, osteoporosis and breast cancer.
• Strengthens bones, joints and muscles.
• Improves circulation of blood.
• Helps one stay young.
• Improves mental health and mood.
• Keeps one fresh and active the whole day.
• Enhances quality of sleep.
• Keeps one strong, mobile and less dependent on others.
• Helps in achieving and maintaining an ideal weight.
• Burns extra body fat and calories to lose weight more effectively.
• Increases self-esteem.
• Keeps the brain sharp, even in old age.
• Increases strength, stamina and metabolic rate the whole day.
• Enhances the immune system.
• Helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
• Improves posture and body shape.
• Provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people, whether at a gym or walking in parks.

Life without exercising daily is worthless. Not working out would have the most adverse effects on your life and health, such as increased risks of dying from a heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol or blood pressure, flabby muscles, fragile bones, weaker muscles etc. You can never truly enjoy the blessings of life until you are in a good shape. It’s about time people fully realise the importance of exercising and working out, while eating healthy at the same time. Health is the most important thing in life, after all. Everything else comes secondary. •