Ayeza Khan

Epitomising women and motherhood with style and grace

With International Woman’s Day on the horizon, it just feels right to talk about inspiring women who have faced the trials and triumphs of being a working mom.

It seems like all moms come under fire these days, no matter how good of a job they’re doing. Moms with careers outside the home are sometimes shamed and guilted about not spending enough time with their kids, while on the flip side, moms who choose to stay at home can be thought of as achieving less than working women. The reality is that being a mom is tough, whether you’re balancing work or at home all day, and there’s no right way to do it.

Different methods work for different people, and as long as a mom is trying her best and acting in the best interests of her kids, she’s doing just fine. And she should be celebrated for all her hard work.

Celebrities often choose to take a more traditional approach and leave showbiz behind, even if it’s only temporarily, when they have children. But some choose to keep up their careers after having children, which is totally up to them.

Balancing work and motherhood is no easy feat. But that hasn’t stopped Pakistan’s most sought after actress Ayeza Khan from doing both – and finding success along the way.

If there’s anyone who acutely personifies the similarities between the everyday mom and the celebrity mom, it’s Ayeza Khan. However, if you take away all of the things that manufacture a celebrity of Ayeza’s stature, you’re left with just a human. In Ayeza’s case, a hard-working mom, who provides, puts family first, and is a very generous creative; often articulating motherhood in profound and relatable ways.

How Ayeza has always managed to balance that with poise is inspiring, and explains her work ethic, because, without diligence there’s no way to bring all of that together without being in a perpetual state of running to catch up. She’s truly changing the conversation on women and motherhood.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair and makeup: Nabila Salon
Designer: Zainab Chottani
Photography and styling: Shahbaz Shazi