You’ve seen her sobbing. You’ve seen her sulking. You’ve seen her as the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by her prince charming. You’ve even seen her retort to those pulling her down. But we bet you haven’t seen her as vivacious, as vivid and as opinionated as she is in her real life. Zara Noor Abbas, who possesses what it takes to be the next superstar of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, joins MAG for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

If not an actor, what would you have pursued as an alternate career?

Direction. If not acting, I could maybe become a director. But one day, I do plan to direct something.

If given a chance to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

If the celebrity is dead, then Lady Diana; and if the celebrity is alive, then Shah Rukh Khan.

What is your dream role?

It will be from a period film or play where I get to do the role of a maharani or a princess warrior. I’d like to act in a story from my own ancestral background.

What would you choose if offered the dream role and a ticket to a world tour, simultaneously?

I’d choose the dream role; and since I’ll be paid for it then I’ll go on a world tour.

Have you ever been star struck?

Yes! Ali Zafar had once left me star struck.

How do you unwind?

I spend time with my husband and in-laws. For more unwinding, I try to take some time off and go back to my home city Lahore, but it’s very tough now because of work.

What is your idea of a beautiful life?

Kids, comfort of life, air conditioning, because it’s too hot nowadays and of course, my family.

Are you a social media freak?

No. I’m not a social media freak, but I’m an active social media person.