Decorating with jewel tones

The rise of grandmillennial style, crystals as home decor, and sumptuous Hollywood regency-inspired spaces have undeniably paved the way for jewel tones to find their way back into modern home decor. The rich shades of sapphire, ruby and emerald, to name a few, pack a serious punch when it comes to home decor and creating a cozy yet grand living space. Ahead, we share a few of our favourite jewel tones that will never go out of style, from earthy topaz to bold amethyst. Read on:

Shades of emerald

Deep emerald is actually a great gateway colour if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of jewel tones.

Merry marigold

An eye-catching marigold piece like this one adds energy and a refreshing pop of colour to any room.

Muted mauves

While bringing in colour with predominant pieces certainly anchors the room, you can tone the look done with muted mauves.

Roaring ruby

If cool tones aren’t really your thing, consider warmer jewel tone colours like deep ruby.

Amethyst accents

While rich amethyst is certainly not for the faint of heart, it certainly checks the “moody” box.

Topaz touches

If you love jewel tones but can’t quite commit to the dominant colour story, consider subtle but equally enchanting touches of topaz range.