Without Saying Goodbye

  • 02 Apr - 08 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix movie Without Saying Goodbye is a romantic drama with comedic tendencies and scads upon scads of handsome scenery. Salvador Campodonico (Maxi Iglesias) wakes up at zero-dark, his to-do list exploding on his phone. He’s an architect for his father’s hotel conglomerate, the biggest in Spain. Salvador remodels hotels into gleaming high-class urban monstrosities or beauties, depending on your point of view. His dream is to build a seven-star hotel in Cuzco, Peru, but his demanding father has him on a short leash. He flies to Cuzco to scope out the spot, and determines that a big thing made of glass and concrete would look damn peachy in the middle of an old-world city exploding with colour, culture and tradition. He wants to give a gigantic pile of money to Lichi (Wendy Ramos) for her property, and she’s torn between getting rich and maintaining the quaint hostel she’s run for many years now. Fate intervenes when Salvador accidentally breaks the key off in the lock to his Airbnb. He wanders down to an outdoor party where he meets Lichi’s niece, Ariana (Stephanie Cayo), who sings and dances and paints and enjoys an untethered lifestyle. Without Saying Goodbye breaks no new ground whatsoever, but the fine-tuned characters make sure this is slightly more than just a fluffy romantic travelogue.