Weather Girl

Rachel Lynn Solomon serves up another sunshiny rom-com in Weather Girl. Meteorologist Ari Abrams wants nothing more than to learn under her hero, the iconic Seattle weatherwoman Torrance Hale. Unfortunately, Torrance is too distracted by her divorce from the station's news director to pay Ari any attention. Always the optimist, Ari enlists the shy sports reporter Russell Barringer to help her reunite Torrance with her ex. As you can imagine, her efforts quickly become complicated by her own feelings for Russell.

How to Love Your Neighbour

Sophie Sullivan serves up the rom-com the world needs right now in How to Love Your Neighbour. After putting herself through interior design school by working an impressive number of jobs, Grace Travis has finally found the perfect fixer-upper to call her own. Her next-door neighbour happens to be a ruthless real estate developer named Noah Jansen, who wants nothing more than to buy Grace's house so he can expand his own dream home. However, Grace has waited far too long to have a home of her own to give up without a fight.

Made in Manhattan

Made in Manhattan by Lauren Layne flips My Fair Lady, and the results are as hilarious as they are swoon-worthy. Violet Townsend effortlessly fits in among Manhattan's elite, thanks in no small part to her need to please everyone around her. This goes double for her grandmother, who has a big favour to ask of Violet. She needs her granddaughter to help her friend's newly discovered grandson, Cain Stone, learn how to navigate the upper crust world of New York. Unfortunately, Cain has zero interest in playing by the New York rules Violet lives by.