• 02 Apr - 08 Apr, 2022
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It’s really no surprise that our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok feeds have been blowing up with vivid images and catchy headlines surrounding HBO’s popular show, Euphoria. The second season is currently well underway, and as well as being totally engrossed in the dark truth that comes with tricky teenage years, there’s something else that has caught our attention: the makeup. Yes, the gloriously messy, neon, glamorous and unapologetic looks have us living and we're desperate to revamp our style. Whether you want Rue’s, Cassie’s, Jules’ or Maddy’s look, read on for the best looks from the show and the products the makeup artists for the show recommended to re-create the looks at home.


Because Rue is in a perpetual state of anguish, the makeup artist Davy wanted her Euphoria makeup to feel melancholy even if it was colourful. In the end it all came down to placement.

In order to make the glitter tears last all day or night, Davy recommended one of her all-time favourite glitter products, Revlon’s Photo Ready Eye Art. Davy swears by it because “the glitter goes on like liquid eyeliner with a built-in thick brush. Once it dries, it doesn't move.” And when it comes to application, she recommends not stressing too much: “Rue's looks are not about perfection. They are pure moody expression.”

To add depth and contrast, Davy says to line your lower waterline with black liner and take the liner a little outside your lash line, then finish with loads of mascara.


Cassie's jewelled face was designed to interplay with one of the show's heavier scenes. While the anesthesia settles, she has a dream of herself skating on an ice rink. “I wanted her makeup to look and feel like the opposite of the trauma she was going through,” Davys says. “It had to be highly visible, as Cassie would be spinning on the ice, and it had to match her ice-skating costume and be appropriate for a figure-skating moment. This scene is so emotional, but the makeup is so uplifting and self-celebrating.”

The key to this look is gems straight from Amazon. Davy used a variety of colours and sizes but did not layer gems on her actual eyelids because of how uncomfortable that would be. “Any eye shadow layered on top of an eye shadow base would work great as a colourful backdrop to the gems,” Davy says. She secured the gem with eyelash glue but warns you'll definitely need a combination of makeup wipes and an oil-based cleanser to get everything off.


Jules's makeup is always colourful with lots of eyeliner worn in unexpected places. Davy wanted her looks to be “playful, carefree, and universal in terms of gender – not super feminine.” The idea behind these looks is that they take only five to 10 minutes and are applied to an otherwise fresh and clean face with little to no additional makeup. To copy the looks, Davy recommends thinking of your eyelids like a canvas.

Unlike some of the other characters' looks, which represented what was going on with their character specifically in that moment, Jules's makeup was meant to serve as more of a timeline. “I love how Jules’s looks go from being lighthearted with pastels and neons to increasingly darker and more moody as the episodes go on,” Davy says. “Her look takes a quick turn after she goes and visits her friends out of town.” Although the artfulness of these looks can be intimidating, Davy's intention was to encourage any and everyone to try them out.