Kubra Khan Official

So… You know how we have these beautiful songs… that always talk about qatilana ankhen, jism jaise ajanta ki murat, zulfen or khusboo. How come we never talk about the inner traits? Like how someone is kind… or has a beautiful heart or how someone is inspiring. I’m just thinking out loud.

Adnan Siddiqui

Why have we become so obsessed with perfection? Everything has to be picture-perfect. You have to succeed because there’s no grace in failure. Since when did we become ashamed of mediocrity? #embraceimperfections

Syed ShahrozSabzwari

This TVC is very close to my heart. And I dedicate it to all our parents for showering us with the unconditional love in each and every moment of their lives. Let’s not take them and this time for granted. #Sharjah Cooking Oil

Shaniera Akram

In this age, it is shocking to realise that only 19% women in Pakistan have access to the internet. Our society still struggles to accept the fact that women are capable of independently flourishing in their own lives. The mindset needs to change. #PowerToBeYou #BreakTheBias

Haroon Rashid

Mrs and Mr Shameem is groundbreaking in so many ways. Whether it's the portrayal of an unmarried pregnant woman shunned by her own family or an effeminate man mocked by society – it's sensitive and handled maturely. Incredible performances from @ijaz_naumaan and @s_qamarzaman.