• 02 Apr - 08 Apr, 2022
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Then, after this long wait, finally I came across different book stores and what happened that day was something really unexpected. I was simply going through a book shop and my objective was not to buy that particular book but rather than that I was only trying to distract myself by reading some other topics like science and biology, however, with the passage of time I wasn't actually expecting those matters to grow like this and while I found this book I also saw that this book was not quite in a good condition and it seemed quite old that I had finally attained what I really wanted.

Now finding this Forbidden Fruit was my Quest and I was on this task of finding out this book through any source and I had to read it no matter what would stop me and no matter how many obstacles would come in my way. I wasn't really thinking about my future and probably I should have considered but what matters more than anything is the discovery of truth and the discovery of truth would not have happened if I would have simply a bade all those people who would have told me to stay back and state differently if I never knew about this book.

This forbidden fruit was already in my hands and now I was finally looking forward to read this book that I had long been searching for and what I had been actually prohibited regarding. Now, as this book was in my hands and I had everything else taken care of I was spending my entire nights reading this book only and this book was literally my excitement of the day, every night from the last few weeks. My father had not read this book and he didn't know much about this but he did know that this book was once banned and people were not really allowed to read this book. I did have ever had a suggestion from him but he neither stopped me neither he recommended me this book and so, I simply kept on continuing my journey with this book but I had no idea what would happen once I would read this book.

People said that I would actually get spray if I would read this book but in reality there were others who were in minority and they were telling me that you would actually find out the truth, once you would have read this book but they also said that this truth can be really better and you might not want to read it if you are quite strong enough to handle it.

All this while, I was too confused and I had no single opinion regarding whom I should support which was why I simply followed my instincts and I continued reading this book the way I actually had to, however, listening to the seniors and listening to those who were more experienced in life as compared to me was not really my thing and I actually got to learn that where long after I read this book that I probably should have understood that bit quite sooner.

People used to tell me that these matters can get rarely horrifying and there was a close friend of mine who also told me that this book might staying in your mind the way that incident of your childhood had been badly instigated in my head when I saw a mother getting murdered in front of her child. These complications were not going to get me anywhere and I easily could have been fooled by anyone who was way more sharp minded and way cleverer than I ever was.

At the same time, my mind was also fighting with other moral and spiritual stuff that was not quite understood by others because there was no proper guideline and no proper syllabus regarding it. What I did in this entire scenario was that I simply ignore what my seniors or what my subordinates were telling me and I simply focused on the book that I had with me and it quotes some difficulty level. This had to get worse with the passage of time and I had to make sure that I was actually looking at the things which quotes some focus that could not be diverted otherwise.

While listening to all the people who were forbidding me from reading this book I used to think that how can they be so serious and so conscious regarding just one person who would be able to read a book and then form a simple opinion or analysis of his own, a simple question that came to my mind every time they talk to me like this was that how I could just a particular piece of a little book actually influence the entire life of another person and this was what actually teased me.

However, I kept on reading the book and I enjoyed each and every page of the initial part of the book. I was also reading the preface of the book and I was also reading the index of the book and all the similar pages such as the acknowledgements and other reference pages were there in my eyes and I was simply scattering it along as if I had to complete a real goal of my life. The actual journey was about to begin afterwards, and I was quite unaware of what I would actually experience but yes, I was going to experience and it would be catered for a longer amount of time. However, I kept on reading the book and a Dai moved ahead with this book I came to this conclusion that the history that I was aware of was not what was discussed in this particular book, rather it was discussed in a different way and quite surprisingly with facts and figures reported as references. The entire journey of the jailbreak from the train was studied differently and how it was discussed was something I didn't really expect and it was revealed in this book that McMahon was an undercover agent of the cruel landlords. And all this time, quite surprisingly, he was not faithful neither to the evil landlords nor was he faithful to his friends and even to Thomas.

As I came to read this history I got to know that this man Mr McMahon was not among the heroes but actually among the real villains of this entire freedom fighters based story. I wasn't quite believing what was written in the book that was in front of me. I was reading in front of me but I did not deep inside that metals could go beyond what I was actually seeing and I had to go inside the depth of this matter no matter how bitter the truth might appear before me.

But of course, this was just a sentimental and aggression filled best decision and I obviously had to regret this in the later period of my life and I was more than just aware of it. I kept on preceding the head with my life knowing that this book would not really influence my mind to such an extent that I would get deeply disturbed but I was absolutely wrong and the exactly opposite thing happened which meant that I got heart broken and I got to face the troubles that I don't have faced otherwise.

These elements can be among those ones that can actually determine the future assessments of the changes that would in the longer amount of time determines how is exactly the matter like this would be sorted when several amendments would be made in the design history that was already existing in my mind. All of this was not quite easy and I did know that this journey would be quite a time consuming one but I did solve all the methods that could actually help me literally in moving ahead.

In this entire process and in this entire scenario, I was simply looking ahead to find out the results of the problems that I had faced in my past regarding the trauma that existed in my mind when I saw a mother getting murdered in front of her only child. I never knew that these two would have a connection and I simply didn't even consider for rating the two of them but eventually with the passage of time the two of them proved to be connected with each other and it was literally moved by the thought that they both were connected quite severely and it was proved to me.

This is my life, this is the way I live and I have to cater the methods under the shade of elements that can in the detailed amount of time that determine the extent to which the matter would have to be sorted out. All of these had to be sorted out but why so differently and I had to keep myself focused while concentrating on the different aspects that were involved in the entire scenario and I had to make sure that the entire case was simply appearing to be a fairytale in front of me but unfortunately it was not and I was more involved in this book as if it was actually happening to me in my real life.

This is my story; this is the tale of my life that I have to share with plenty of different people present around me but I am only sharing it with those who can understand that how one can get so much manipulated with the history that has literally nothing in connection with the person, it is just the idolising of some personalities that forces you to think differently about the matters that are happening around you.

On the other hand, what happened in my life and what really changed my life to a huge extent was an event or what I should call a tragedy that I witnessed from my own eyes. This was not quite an ordinary event rather this was a kind of trauma that stays with you for the rest of your life and what was this, this was seeing an innocent lady who was not just an ordinary lady but was a mother to one little child who got killed in front of her only child. She was a woman who got killed right in front of her little son and this happened in the middle of the road where everyone was running and a scenario of stampede was actually created but the terrorists who were actually scaring the people of head left a special agent who was tall heighted and who killed the woman by actually slashing her throat.

Yes, this was the dark tragedy that I witnessed with my own eyes and this was also when I was in 3rd standard and when I was returning from the school. I kept on thinking that this could have been my mother and I could have been the child who witnessed this dark brutality but I did not care about things as much because with the passage of time, this grey dark tragedy which was there in my mind all the while and forced me to think even more about what the possibilities were.

A young kid is supposed to know about the future and how his life is meant to be but when he is tormented by these kinds of cruelty, then he has simply lost his life in a very young age and he is more of a dead soul in a living body. I really feel for their young little kid today and even though many years passed, I still see that little boy getting tormented and suffering the pain that no one would ever wish to face.

These were the memorable events of my life that forced me to think about the activities that are happening around in your life quite differently and this led to new routes of my life and this third standard of my life was quite a memorable one, solely because of these two events. It was time for me to move on and think about stuff quite differently with the assessments that were meant to be conducted quite differently over the passage of time. When you know that any unfair stuff is happening around you and you have to cater the activities quiet in differently than you simply have to take a stand for yourself and you have to then make sure that you are speaking against the evil and after standing with what is right.

This year, I will try to increase my strengths and this is how one can be judged regarding his courageousness in different situations with respect to how much he is supporting the truth and whether he is on the right path standing with the truth or is he on the wrong path supporting the evil deeds of himself and even of others. Only time will tell…

to be continued...