Another day, another woman falls victim to patriarchal oppression. Painful to see #AsstCommissionerMarvi get victimised in the hands of inhumanity and misogyny. If this is happening to a woman of power, I wonder what all the weak and underprivileged women go through in this country.

Urwa Hocane sadly shared her two cents on the miserable incident that took place recently, where three men attacked the female assistant commissioner of Mansehra, Marvi Malik Sher, and her staff. Following the arrest, the men asserted that they attacked her because they did not want a female civil servant in their area. Such is the irony! We literally don’t have any words.

To all Pakistanis in and around the world and those who have come to live in our wonderful country – today we celebrate who we are! And to the people who indulge in our food, fashion or culture – a happy Pakistan Day to you too. #PakistanZindabad #23rdMarchPakistanDay2022 #Pakistan

Wife to legendary cricketer Wasim Akram and human rights activist Shaniera Akram, is widely known for her strong stance in striving to make Pakistan a better place. Our favourite bhabhi, on account of Pakistan Resolution Day, wished all the Pakistanis around the globe this glorious day which is considered to be the core base in the creation of our beloved nation.

Well done Amna Babar. Divorce is not the end of the world. It is the beginning to a new chapter in one’s life. Happiness should be the goal of putting children first. Children are negatively impacted in unhappy marriages. Sharing responsibility after divorce is important. #amnababar

Recently, supermodel Amna Babar revealed the details of her divorce from her husband during a question and answer session on her Instagram stories. Divorce can also be a ‘happy ending,’ Amna wrote. In our society, where divorce is still considered as a taboo topic, it is the need of the hour to normalise getting out of toxic marriages. Frieha Altaf in a tweet, praised Babar for her strength in these tough times.