The Last Bus

  • 09 Apr - 15 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s new release The Last Bus is an action-adventure eco-fable targeted at kids and adults alike to understand the perils of relying too much on technology. Created and written by Paul Neafcy, the series is developed by Jesse Cleverly and directed by Lawrence Gough. The science fiction series consists of ten episodes in total each with a runtime of 30-40 minutes. It attempts to replicate the overpowering of machines over humans’ trope that we have seen in films before, but putting kids on the centre stage to make it a cautionary tale that will hold the attention of most of the population. The series infuses its science fiction elements with comedy and adventure giving us an entertainer that also leaves us with a valuable lesson. The series opens with a shot of the technology-centric company Monkhouse Dynamics, where the workers are seen loading, and unloading new technological gears. While working on the gears, we see one of the orbs, possibly malfunctioning and shot out of the place. In the next shot, we visit Braelawn Academy where we meet our protagonists. We find out soon enough that the children and other students from the school are going on a science field trip to none other than Monkhouse Dynamics. Apart from that, The Last Bus has one charming cast with child actors that bring the right amount of sass, anxiety, hero ship and reality to the screen.