Trivia Quest

  • 09 Apr - 15 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix Interactive Special Trivia Quest was released on the streaming service on April 1, 2022. Calling all quiz geeks, Netflix has brought to us an interactive quiz. This animated experience is based on the popular game Trivia Crack, which draws its inspiration from the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. Created by Daniel Calin and Vin Rubino of Sunday Sauce productions, viewers are taking 24 questions every day throughout the month of April. If you’re looking for some exciting family quiz knowledge time and want to see how smart you are, it is your time to shine. There is a definite movement for interactive specials, viewers are seeking more active engagement with their TV viewing experiences, rather than just being a passive watcher, we’re now actively being asked to participate. Whilst this was fun, we don’t think it was necessary or ground-breaking. The cute, animated character you must help rescue people from Trivia Land is a nice touch but felt a bit too childish. Great for kids, but not really for adults. The game wears thin after a while. If you get something wrong, you can always replay the quizzes. It could be an easy way to keep the kids entertained for a little while, you might also surprise yourself with your knowledge.