Samsung’s new M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $700

Samsung’s latest smart monitor, the 32-inch 4K M8, is now available to reserve in four pretty colours: white, blue, green, and pink. The white-coloured option will cost $699.99, while the other colours cost $30 more. Samsung announced the M8 during CES 2022, though it didn’t share a price or that it would arrive in multiple colourways. The company still hasn’t shared a release date. Its colourful design and thin profile could make the M8 fit in with a group of M1 iMacs. Compared to a more relevant Apple product, the $1,600 Studio Display, the M8’s feature set easily outpaces it. The monitor itself can run video streaming apps like Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Disney Plus, and it has built-in speakers and support for HDR 10+. It can use Google Duo to make video chats with its stick-on webcam. You can even run Microsoft 365 web apps with the M8 once you connect a keyboard and mouse. It’s also controllable via Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The display can be moved up or all the way down to meet the surface of your desk, just like Samsung’s unique Space Monitor.