Podcast app Overcast is getting a big design overhaul

  • 09 Apr - 15 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

Overcast, a popular podcast player for Apple devices, is getting an update that brings a major design overhaul to its main screen, as well as a new theming system that lets you pick the colours used throughout the app. For Overcast users, the update is a fresh coat of paint to a well-made app, and power users will likely find plenty of new tweaks and settings they can use to make the app work even better for their use case. In a blog post, the app’s developer Marco Arment says that the 2022.2 update, available to download is “the largest redesign” the app’s ever gotten, and promises some exciting future updates. There’s now a new Recent carousel, which lets you quickly resume episodes you were listening to and see which podcasts have new episodes and the interface is full of updated icons. Playlists, which live at the top of the screen, have gotten an overhaul: they now show up as customisable colourful bubbles with icons, and you can now make playlists that show you all your queued, starred, downloaded, or in progress episodes.