The Forbidden Fruit

  • 09 Apr - 15 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Let me talk with you about the forbidden fruit, the question is what is a forbidden fruit and the simple answer is the forbidden fruit is the sweetest fruit. The forbidden fruit is something that you are not allowed to go nearby because it is very sweet but in reality it is more than just better, it is simply something you cannot afford and you do not want to adopt any further.

I was also reading the preface of the book and I was also reading the index of the book and all the similar pages such as the acknowledgements and other reference pages were there in my eyes and I was simply scattering it along as if I had to complete a real goal of my life. The actual journey was about to begin afterwards, and I was quite unaware of what I would actually experience but yes, I was going to experience and it would be catered for a longer amount of time. However, I kept on reading the book and a Dai moved ahead with this book I came to this conclusion that the history that I was aware of was not what was discussed in this particular book, rather it was discussed in a different way and quite surprisingly with facts and figures reported as references.

As far as I believe, I know that there are plenty of forbidden fruits around you but the one that is actually forbidden is the one that leads to another door of your life that you might never have opened before. Yes, this was my case yes this is the story of my life and yes, this is the tragedy of my life that I would never be able to forget as long as I am alive why because these have influenced me quite brutally. At times, your mind is not willing to accept the changes that happen around you and you are simply had because you do not want to see the other side of the picture which is not in your favour and this was quite my case which is why I believe that I am more of a make-believe lover rather than a truth lover. This is not something that I dislike about myself rather this is the thing that I literally hate about myself and I curse myself for the way I am treating myself and how people are receiving things to be around me. I am not a bad human being I know this about myself but I am not a strong and courageous person I am a weak person who is simply living his own life based on his own comfort zone rather than actually facing the truth and seeing what happens with consequences.

I have so badly been hurt because of what I have been to earth but I must also admit this fact that there are other people who have been hurt even more and they have been disappointed because of me because several people are actually looking around at the things that can go quite differently and they have to correlate the matter is that are simpler and have to be taken into account with the senior members who are well experience and who know how to Cater the different aspects of history. Why am I not favouring the truth and I am not accepting things for the way they are because there are plenty of people like me who can handle the issues on their own and I can on the other side live in my own world but deep down inside I would know that I am not satisfied and being guilty would simply save me alive.

I ask myself why do people get hurt why do I get hurt by the heart feels it's feelings in the only answer that I get out of all these questions is that I am a person who is not willing to accept the truth no matter how bitter it is.

Let me tell you about the personalities that have actually inspired me there are basically three personalities around home my entire life and my entire inspiration revolves around I would like to give an introduction to the three of them one after another but to begin with I would like to start with Kevin Andrews. Kevin was a man of special values home no one could match he was an extremely generous and of course the kind hearted person as well his generosity had no match if you ask me he was so generous that he would even spend his entire wealth for the sake of other than he would not even consider utilising anything for himself he used to think of others before himself and he used to consider the needs of others before he could consider his own needs. I have got to tell you that there are very few people like this person and I seriously admire his generosity and I believe that one day I can become like him that's the only practice that matters to me and I want to see myself becoming like him. I have got to tell you this that this was no ordinary personality and I want to I looked up to become like him but this person was more than just one can think of and he was and admiration for me since last 5 years and this admiration was more than an ordinary one rather it was an inspiration that would drive me really crazy. Crazy enough to give up everything I own and sacrifice it for the sake of others.

When I was twenty-two years old, I remember that was the time when I first got really interested with these three personalities. I remember that time as a turning point of my life.

Back then I had this interesting conversation with my father, when I said,

“Dad, I have recently felt that history is quite an interesting subject.”

“Of course it is…I always wanted you to take some interest in it. These days I am glad that I am seeing you reading such books.”

“Yes, they are very intriguing.”

“You purchased them recently?” he asked.

“Yes, just a few days back.”

He chuckled,

“For the first time ever perhaps, I am really happy for what you purchased. My son I’m really glad and I’m really proud of what you did.”

I smiled courteously.

“So, what is it that you really like about history?”

“The freedom fighters. Their stories. Their tales of bravery, I am really fond of these.”

“Oh yes, of course. They are most intriguing aspects of history; one cannot deny that.”

“I know.”

“So, what exactly do you like about these people? And who are your favorite ones? Because there are too many.”

“Well, what I like about them are the traits of their personality. These people were very admirable, from every aspect.”

“So, whom do you like among all these? Except for Victor. Victor is someone exceptional, one cannot simply not admire him. I’m talking about others except him.”

I admired these words of my father so much that I really felt moved.

“Victor was the best,” I responded. “I think I just love that person.”

“Of course, why wouldn’t you. Who doesn’t like him? But I’m talking about other people that you like.”

“Well there is this…”

“…You know what,” my father interrupted me suddenly. “Let’s make it a conversation for some other day. You have recently purchased the books, so I would like to give you some time. Read these books in detail, and then come and discuss these personalities with me.”

“Sure, why not?”

“It will be a very intellectual conversation.”

“I hope so.”

“Even I have some books. I will share these books with you and then we will have a lot to talk on.”

“I’m glad we do,” I responded.

We had a little more conversation that gave me some hope. Afterwards I left, thinking I would have a new kind of change in my life that I would really be fond of.

There were different kinds of phases in my life and those were obviously connected with different phases that everyone goes through I had relationships I had breakup I had experience different accidents and treasuries but what I had experience and what normally people do not experience was that my mind was literally influenced by history and I was moved to such an extent that I could even commit suicide because I was too afraid to face the truth however I get carriage with passage of time and things improved and became really better. One of the reasons why I was so terrified was the because that I might have some companions and friends who could have supported me but I was not literally using ever utilising those relationships that could have supported me in the longer frame of time.

The multiple different phases that come and go in a person's life leave a dark influence in the minds of that person. These have to be looked upon through different changes that one would find in the darker period of their life to be as learning and growing experiences that eventually made that particular person strong and courageous enough to face the different pressures of life. In my case however it was quite different and I was not quite satisfied with these things that I was taught by some of my not exactly my ancestors but those who had saved their teachings and had considered looking ahead at the different kinds of changes that would in the longer frame of time be sorted out with the guidance of seniors. My life has always been easier and simpler 1 and I have simply read and enjoyed books quite the way others have but in my case things seem to be really frustrating when I came to realise that I was only read in books and making use plans that could have otherwise destroyed my integrity.

Yes, it is true it might be a little better and a little hard to hear but unfortunately it is very true and I cannot deny it no matter how hard I try and that's what I do I simply try and denying the truth but it keeps coming back to my face like a Boomerang.

The three friends used to have their private meetings and in their private meetings they used to discuss the occasional cruelties that were happening around in their state. Victor was in Lead throughout this time and he was the one who used to devise Strategies and long-term plans regarding how they would attack them multiple personalities who were spreading cruelty in the state and were deliberately doing evil at just to spread terror and do nothing else. The three of them had really long term plans and they were hoping that they would one day take over the entire Throne and not just for the sake of freedom but also for the Welfare of the society and Victor had given and host to the three of them and the other two had agreed with their dead or even when they would win over the Throne they would not take over the kingdom itself rather they would appoint someone who is better than them or else there are a variety of decisions would be at risk.

Three of them had a plan one night to secretly enter the okay so of those criminal landlords and somehow get an access to the internal treasure so that they would simply spread and throw away all those treasures trying to create a panicking situation for the landlords. This was Kevin's idea but the square digit planning verse conducted by Victor who had a sharp mind regarding how to trick away and escape away from the criminals leaving wool and dust over their eyes. All the changes that had to be made in a limited frame of time had to be conducted under the reference of Those influential personalities who were secretly supporting them and they had to make sure that the support of those personalities was not to be underestimated.

Facing the rooms and cruell people was not quite easy and it was quite a challenge that Victor had quite cleverly thought of. In the later amount of time the two of then Kevin and Graham simply moved ahead towards the castle to begin with the plan and victor was meant to do the rest.

Quite unfortunately their plan failed and but there's surprise Victor was captured and arrested and not quite simply but rather he was brutally beaten and wounded that his forehead started to bleeding from both sides.•