Mehreen Jabbar’s cult classic ‘Farar’ is making a comeback

Remakes and reboots

The great world of cinema has been around since the 19th century. It's only natural that some ideas may be recycled or rehashed in the film industry. With film technology constantly advancing, it only makes sense that some old films be remade using new technological advancements to do what couldn’t be done at the time the original was made. One such classic making a comeback is Mehreen Jabbar’s ‘90s telefilm Farar. Farar was a tale of three friends cruising through Karachi, trying to carve a way out for themselves. 25 years later, the telefilm is being revived as a web series. Sharing the news on her social media, the filmmaker wrote, "25 years later, three friends trying to get by and shine in the glorious and mad city that is Karachi. From old Farar to a new Farar. Coming this year." The cast of Farar will include Sarwat Gilani, Tooba Siddiqui, Mariam Saleem, Maha Hasan, Zahid Ahmed and Saleem Meraj.