I take great pride in our company @galaxyracerpak @GalaxyRacerDxb for making a massive impact on Pakistan Esports & Pakistani economy. Together, brick by brick we can build a global technology centre. Thank you @STZAOfficial for your support.

With the increasing craze among Pakistani youth for e-sports such as combat games. Fakhr-e-Alam couldn’t be more proud on establishing an e-sports franchise like Galaxy Racer, which would keep the dollars’ youngsters spend on e-sports within the country.

Congratulations Arooj Aftab, she isn’t the first Pakistani woman to win, she is the ONLY Pakistani to win a Grammy, you made us all very proud of you @arooj_aftab

The Brooklyn-based Pakistani vocalist Arooj Aftab scored her first Grammy recently, winning the prestigious trophy for her song Mohabbat in the Best Global Performance category. As soon as the news broke, celebrities took to their social media to congratulate the singer. Actress Saba Qamar praised the Grammy winner on becoming the only Pakistani to win this prestigious award.

Just saw a tender nail-clipping of a crescent moon suspended deep in the sfumato of a bruised orange Karachi sky. A prayer rose to my heart “let there be emotional ease for all humanity” #RamzanMubarak

Model and actor Adnan Malik has a very sweet prayer for every single human existence in the world. With the beginning of the most cherished holy month of Ramadan, Malik wishes for emotional stability for all human beings.