Many Leaders only have experience managing teams in person. How can they adapt to this new transformation and help their remote teams to thrive?

The way we see it, this depends more on the manager’s leadership philosophy than on their work experience. If you see your employees as cogs in a machine, and you believe the only way of getting output from them is by sitting them in a specific place, watching over them as they perform their tasks, then reviewing their work, and giving them a new task. In that case, then it is going to be very hard for you to embrace the concept of remote work. But if you are looking to lead on potential, then the question of where your employees are physically located is not that important. When you lead on potential, you see the quality of the work in the results, in the performance, in how employees interact with fellow team members, in how they are showing up on the screen, you see it everywhere. So, in short, on the leader’s side, it is more a matter of whether they are committed to thriving themselves, if they are life-long learners, if they embrace exploring and adopting new things.

I’m graduating university soon and my grades aren’t great even though I try hard. Advice to be more hireable?

Take on more extracurricular or work opportunities, add to the CV, take on work that will demonstrate to future employers that you will be a great addition to any team. Find ways to show that you learn quickly, are adaptable and resourceful, especially with real world examples of how you’ve dealt with tough situations – that can really show a potential employer your abilities beyond grades. TWS: There are always two tracks to getting hired. One is the one where most of us take in the beginning. Your grades matter, what school you come from matters, your last salary matters. You generally follow the industry norm. This is when the employee doesn’t know enough about your skills or capabilities – so they have to gauge this through other means. The other way is by demonstrating your value far exceeds your qualifications: i.e. I have experience in content creation and can help you save on marketing costs by a hypothetical amount every month through organic reach. If your grades are not fantastic, this is the track you need to aim towards.