Two Tales of Betrayal

  • 16 Apr - 22 Apr, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

A Murder and a Cop Chase

Ottawa, Wellington Towers, 8:30 pm, a tall, longhaired adult, knocks the door of an apartment wildly with an intention to kill someone. A woman on the corridor watches him fearfully and makes a phone call in panic.

8:40 pm, the cops enter at the same floor and find the apartment’s gate broken. Two cops enter inside with pistols aiming at someone who might attack. In a room, they find a longhaired guy murdered with a gunshot in his head and with a pistol in his own hand. One of the cops says,

‘Is it a suicide?’

‘I guess not,’ replies the other by examining the dead body’s face carefully.

‘I didn’t do this,’ a voice comes from behind.

The police officers turn around and see the dead body’s twin brother standing. The officers get vigilant at the brother who was alive, and one of officers claims,

‘Put your hands up!’

‘Look sir, I haven’t killed my brother…’

‘It’s okay, you have to come with us to the police station,’ the officer says getting closer.

The brother rushes outside immediately to escape from police, the cops run after him. The criminal runs faster and faster until he reaches the elevator. He enters inside the empty elevator and reaches the ground floor. As the elevator door opens, he finds four other cops aiming at him with their pistols. He puts his hands forwards and gets his hands hand cuffed by the cops.

Next moment, the officers make him sit inside their vehicle, and leave for the police station.

An Interesting Case

A couple of minutes later at the detention center, the criminal is sitting on a chair inside the investigation cell with the large desk and another chair opposite to him. Police Inspector Kevin enters inside and sits on the chair opposite to the criminal, and talks face to face with him,

‘So, what’s your name wild guy?’

The criminal remains silent.

‘As expected, you know something? I enjoy your sort of people’s company. You guys never speak up in the easy way, and then as usual I have to do the difficult way for you. Which means I have to persecute you guys.’

The criminal angrily turns his face away.

‘But don’t worry I wouldn’t do this with you, because your case sounds interesting, a guy killed his own twin brother…wow an eye catching statement, no?’

Inspector sees his cell phone ringing. He stands up and leaves the cell. Outside the room, he sees his cops opening handcuffs of another criminal fellow. The fellow was dark skin coloured and a tough guy with aggressive looks. Inspector Kevin asks him,

‘So, tough guy…what’s your name?’

‘Name’s George, I’m here to disclose some information.’

‘Now, that’s better isn’t it?’ he laughs, ‘Not for me, but for you as you won’t be persecuted by my men.’

‘I have one condition before,’ George replies angrily.

‘Oh really, and what is that?’

‘I should be released immediately.’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ he taunts, ‘I’ll definitely release a cunning fox from my cage, if it satisfies me with the case.’

George starts with a story of a little time back,

Twin Matthew Brothers

“Two years ago, Mr Matthew, a multi-millionaire, had three sons, Raymond, a well to do businessman and two younger twin brothers Alan and Alfred, who left their education before graduating from universities.

He never liked his twin sons, due to which before dying two years ago, he left his entire wealth and property for Raymond Matthew. But Alan and Alfred were sure that Raymond would give them some share. When they asked Raymond that they wanted 20% share from their father’s wealth, he refused and turned his back on them. He never helped his brothers since childhood, as he was always against them and wanted to achieve something greater than them.

Now, the angry twin brothers left home at the age of late twenties and decided to start their own lives individually, in separate homes but would remain in contact with each other.

Within next six months, Alan became a member of a cocaine supplying business. He was just an ordinary worker of their gang, which was led by a Negro leader Jack. Alan could earn enough money to fulfill his basic necessities, and could also spend some on luxuries. He didn’t like using arms and weapons, which was actually one of the basic necessities required by their gang.

Whereas, Alfred joined the contract killing business, which was under Rolf a crook serial killer, who used to assign particular tasks to his junior killers. In his gang, there were also paired groups made. I had a pair with Alfred, as we used to divide our money equally among each other. I shared an apartment with him in Wellington Towers, where we lived together.

Christina Francis

Alan was a homeless person who never had a shelter to sleep. He termed himself as a ‘Tramp’. He used to spend his days and nights roaming around in streets, and used to sleep on footpaths below stars. He was not bound for this but instead it was his desirable interest.

He wanted a peaceful life with a love in his life. He used to follow a pretty good-looking lady of his age. She was Christina Francis, a girl of higher class than him, as she was a struggling journalist and belonged to a higher-class family.

One day, Alan finally decided to woo her and stop this life of being a tramp. He found her alone in a bookstore one day and seeing the perfect opportunity talked to her by standing behind her,

‘How long will you remain single?’

‘Excuse me?’ she replied turning behind getting surprised.

‘Wherever I see you, I see you without any boyfriend or date.’

‘So? It’s none of your business, please go away.’

‘Go away? Isn’t that a little harsh statement for your soon-to-be boyfriend.’

‘Oh God…please leave me, I’m married to someone else.’

‘Don’t lie, Christina Francis…’

‘How come…how do you know my name?’ she asked getting surprised.

‘I know quite a lot about you, this is the greatest thing about a being a tramp…nothing remains hidden from him.’

‘Tramp? Well, I’m a wild animal. You are after a wrong girl. I have made many boys cry. You’ll feel sorry for yourself one day if you make me your girlfriend.’

‘Well, in that case, I’m desperate to feel sorry for myself.’

‘You’re interesting Mr Tramp, but you can’t woo me this easily.’

Saying this smilingly, she left him behind at the bookstore. Alan was sure that she was her type and decided not to leave her until she would make him his girlfriend.

Alan kept on following and wooing her for few days. And didn’t give up for her, until he would become friends with her. Within a week they finally became friends and somehow within a month fell in love. Alan didn’t hide anything from her and told her everything about his profession and ways of living. He only hid his family back ground from her and never told her about his twin brother Alfred. And whenever she asked him any such question, he only replied that he had an elder brother Raymond who was no more in touch with him.

Alfred’s Task

The other day, Alfred and I were given a task of assassinating a professor of the university within one hour. He was giving a lecture to his class and we had to do this task during his class. The professor had a brief case in which he used to carry his laptop. As he had kept that brief case in his office, so he asked one of the students to go and bring it for him.

Alfred had dressed himself as a student and secretly followed the student who had his brief case. Alfred took the brief case from him gently and told him that he would deliver it to the professor. After a couple of minutes, he reached the lecture hall where the professor had his class. The professor took that brief case from him but didn’t unlock it. Alfred went quite far and slowly escaped from the university. He stood outside and made a phone call to me,

‘Is it ready?’ I answered his phone.

‘Yes, do it now…’

I pressed the button of a remote in my hand.

A huge explosive bomb blasted at the university, as that brief case had blasted. Because that brief case with the laptop was actually replaced by Alfred with the same coloured brief case with the bomb planted inside it. This was entirely Alfred’s plan, who had a great mind in criminal activities.

Meanwhile, at the university, many ambulances and fire brigade vehicles had arrived. Therefore, Alfred sat in his car and returned from the place without panicking.

Raymond follows the Tramp

Raymond was quite curious about his brothers and still wanted to compete with them. As he came to know through his men that they were also living prosperous lives independently, he got jealous and decided to stop them by blackmailing them.

One after noon, Alan had large amount of Asian Cocaine in his bag. He was openly supplying it to some drug dealers in return of cash. This deal was taking place inside an empty and hidden street. The police and other cops were unaware of this street.

Raymond secretly recorded the entire scene in his camera, without letting anyone know.

That evening, before ten o’clock, Alan was with Christina. They were sitting at a restaurant. While having dinner Christina said to him,

‘Alan, I allow you to do this drug business, but once if I come to know that you also take these drugs and have become an addict, that day I’ll leave you, is that clear?’

‘No!’ he replied angrily, ‘I’ve told you many times I only supply and this is the rule of our gang that we are not supposed to take this. But my words are never clear enough to you, so are yours to me.’

‘Why do you get mad whenever I talk about something to you…?’

‘Because you talk rubbish and useless,’ he replied roughly.

‘Yeah of course, because I loved a tramp,’ she taunted, ‘and by the way, what did you finally decide about our marriage?’

‘Forget it…’

‘You know sometimes I feel like as if I’m wasting my time spending these moments with you.’

‘So, why don’t you share this feeling with everyone, I mean just give this as a headline in your newspaper, ‘A Vamp Spending Moments with a Tramp’, what do you say?’

‘Don’t call me a vamp,’ she said angrily, ‘since the day I’m with you, I’ve lost my sweetness.’

‘That’s what I like about you, you’re getting wilder and wilder…’

She looked at him and chuckled.

At a table next to them, Raymond was listening to their conversation,

‘Alan I knew it,’ he whispers to himself, ‘He had a harsh tongue at home, and it has remained like that.’

Christina looked at Alan scornfully and said,

‘Don’t mind me please but you’re actually just a dog in your business.’

‘I know, but it’s better to be a head of a dog rather than being a tail of a lion.’

‘Impressive!’ Raymond claims admiring him.

Raymond Blackmails Alan

Next morning, while Alan was making a phone call, his brother Raymond from behind suddenly interrupted him,

‘Good morning, Alan!’

‘Good morning,’ Alan said slowly turning behind, ‘Raymond? It’s you, what are you doing here?’

‘Why is there a problem, or are you not happy to see me?’

‘No, not at all, I was just a little surprised.’

‘So, what are you doing these days?’ Raymond said while beginning to walk.

‘Oh, I’m just a…just a…’

‘Drug dealer?’ he asked jokingly.

‘What? No what do you mean?’ Alan said confusingly.

‘So? How do you earn?’

Alan remained silent and realised that something was fishy. He felt that his brother was aware of his profession and was here for a very special purpose.

‘What are you thinking Tramp?’

‘So, you know I’m a tramp. Okay, I don’t want to talk for long, tell me straight, what do you want from me?’

‘Watch this video first,’ he said showing him a video in his camera.

Alan saw the entire video of his last day’s drug deal and got panicked.

‘Okay, okay, what do you want from me?’ he asked closing his eyes.

‘Nothing special, I just want you to give up your way of earning and live a low life which you deserve.’

‘Low life? How do I earn or live, has no concern with you brother, stay out of my business!’

‘You have twenty-four, okay forty-eight hours. I want you to hand over your masters to the police or directly to FBI, who are looking for these drug dealers since long. Your time starts after I leave…’

Saying this he left Alan and sat on his bike, and went on the opposite direction.

‘I have the right person to stop you Raymond, my time has not started, but your count down has begun.’

to be continued...