Sana Javed’s libel lawsuit comes to an end; no evidence found

Case closed!

Celebrity lawsuits aren’t anything new, but they seem to have been happening more frequently in the last few years. The most prevalent cases happen when a celebrity feels like they’ve been defamed – be it by the press, by another celebrity, or just some guy on Twitter. One such lawsuit filed was by actor and model Sana Javed who filed a defamation case against some coworkers for starting a smear campaign against her. But only a month after, the FIA closed the case on grounds for not being able to find "any evidence of the planned smear campaign." The head of the FIA Sindh's cybercrime wing, Imran Riaz took to his Twitter and wrote, “The complaint filed by Actress Sana Javed against her cyber defamation has been closed. The provided evidence was closely scrutinised by the legal team and the content found was about sharing of personal experiences of different coworkers while at work with Sana Javed."