Usman Mukhtar starts production house ET Studios to uplift budding artists

A new beginning

Actor Usman Mukhtar has launched a production house named Eastern Terrestrial (ET) Studios with a "unique vision" that caters to talented Pakistani artists in need of an opportunity to showcase their artistic capabilities. "Really happy to announce that my brother Meiraj and I have started a production house together," Mukhtar captioned an Instagram post featuring the production house's label and revealed that there's already a project in the pipeline. "We just wrapped our first project and we can’t wait to show you the first product of ET Studios." The actor shared that the studio's vision was giving talented Pakistani artists a chance and the space to actualise their potential. Working behind the camera is not a first for the Sabaat actor. He is also a director and cinematographer by profession – his short film Bench which released last year won multiple awards.