Sadaf Kanwal receives unreasonable bashing by netizens over her brand’s pricing

Unfair criticism

Luxury brands or celebrity endorsed brands have been raising their retail prices at a steady pace. The materials are more expensive, labour costs have risen but so far, the luxury shoppers have accepted the increases. But that mood did not seem to last when it came to Sadaf Kanwal’s clothing line. The model and entrepreneur came under fire as soon as a screenshot of an Instagram user inquiring the price of an outfit from the brand started making rounds on social media. Soon, netizens began bashing Kanwal for having an outrageous price tag for a plain dress. Many celebrities came to the model’s rescue, Nadia Hussain being one of them. Nadia shared an Instagram story and wrote, “It's Sadaf Kanwal's business Sadaf Kanwal fashion SO IT'S HER BLOODY CHOICE WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO DO! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BASH HER FOR HER CHOICE TO RUN HER BUSINESS HOWEVER SHE WANTS!”