Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star

  • 16 Apr - 22 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Senzo Meyiwa was South Africa’s biggest soccer star and the centre of one of the country’s modern mysteries. Tragically, in 2014, he was murdered in his girlfriend’s home. He was one of a half dozen people outside the house before two stormed in and shot him to death. Yet, no one seems to know who killed him or the motive. That is what the docuseries Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star tries to investigate. This is not just a tragedy of losing a man to a young or beloved soccer star. It represents something good coming out of townships born out of apartheid segregation. A place has been called ‘dumping grounds’ for a community of people not to make it in life simply because they have been born with an inherent issue of pigmentation that is different from the ones in power and control. Which leads to the question of who could want this man killed? And could there be political ramifications? Could this be just a matter of a love triangle? Then it could be the wife, Mandisa, or the girlfriend, Kelly? In one scene, his mother talks about “contacting” people to help save her family. The docuseries does a remarkable job of giving equal treatment to all the suspects to keep the viewer engaged, which leads to peak binge viewing. It is revealing, even creepy, and creates an almost Gone Girl effect.