Two Tales of Betrayal

  • 23 Apr - 29 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

A Task for Alfred and Confrontation between the Twins

Meanwhile, outside a cinema theatre, Alfred and I were standing and having a conversation regarding the movie we just watched. During our conversation, he received a phone call, he picked up the call and answered,

‘Yes, who is it?’

‘Hey Alfred, it’s me Alan…’ Alan replied top him in a tensed voice.

‘Alan, is it you? I mean you sound quite distressed…’

‘Listen Alfred, I need a favour from you, I’ll give you whatever amount you’ll demand.’

‘Favour? Of what sort?’

‘Now listen carefully, within one day I just want you to kill Raymond and I want no objections from your side.’

‘Hold on hold on, you want me to murder our elder brother? What are you up to?’

‘Listen, we both agreed on this with each other that Raymond is no longer our brother and we are no more part of the Matthew family.’

‘Okay but I just want to know why do you want me to do this?’

‘I’ll answer all your questions once he will be dead, but right now just go and assassinate him.’

Alfred ended his call, and looked at me,

‘George, I have a sort of task for you, which I really can’t do myself.’

‘You were talking about someone like an elder brother,’ I said to him.

‘Yes, I want you to assassinate this person alone, and then you can keep our demanded amount.’

Back at Alan’s place, he was feeling sort of relieved but he was still frightened with what was about to happen.

Next day, at a park outside the museum, Alan was waiting since ten minutes for Alfred. He was holding a brief case with all the money in it, which I demanded after assassinating Raymond in his home.

Alfred arrived after a couple of minutes on his bike. As he stopped, he kept aside his helmet and opened up his hair. He went close to Alan and shook hands with him,

‘Good morning Alan! You’ve grown quite a hair.’

‘Yes you too, we are still the same, I thought you might have changed a bit.’

‘Anyways, it’s really good to see you,’ he said after laughing on Alan’s comment.

‘So, did you get my work done?’ Alan asked feeling absurd.

‘Oh, yes of course, my partner George killed him last night.’

‘Good, here’s your return back as much demanded,’ Alfred said handing over the brief case.

‘So, what’s going on at your drug business?’

‘It’s good but right now if it’s easy for you then can I ask you for another favour?’

‘Yeah sure…’

‘My girlfriend Christina said if I won’t see her today, she’ll leave me forever…’


‘I want you to go to her and act as me, I mean as Alan…’

‘But what if she recognises me?’

‘Just show her that you are angry on something, and remain silent.’

‘Okay I’ll try, where does she live?’

Alan gave him the details about her and left for his business purpose of supplying drugs to new customers of their deal.”

Raymond’s Murderer

As George stops narrating the story, Inspector Kevin stands up and after walking for a while asks him,

‘So, you murdered Raymond?’

‘No, Alfred did it. He kept this thing as a secret from Alan and told me to tell everyone that I had murdered him.’

‘Oh, any special reason for that?’

‘Maybe, he didn’t want Alan to think of Alfred being a danger to the family.’

‘But the family was already broken, anyways what happened next?’


‘Hold on,’ he interrupts George looking at one of the cops, ‘Take Raymond’s murderer to the lock up and keep him awakened, full night.’

‘Sir, how come you guessed that this guy is Alfred?’ George says pretending to be serious.


Moments later, the criminal is sitting inside the locked up cell. He is planning his escape until Inspector Kevin arrives with a cop and says to him,

‘That guy George is a big fool, while telling the story he admitted his crime of planting the bomb blast at the university.’

‘Oh yeah, so?’

‘So what? We’ll arrest him what else.’

Saying this he looks at the criminal guy.

‘So, a hit man no? How much salary Rolf gives you?’

‘Rolf? I don’t know any guy named Rolf.’

‘You don’t,’ he laughs, ‘so, you’ve left your serial killing business, and your boss Rolf?’

‘My boss is not Rolf; I work for Jack, the drug supplier.’

‘Wait a minute, you are not Alfred are you?’ he asks getting astonished.

‘Alfred’s dead, you saw him…’

‘So, you’re not Raymond’s murderer? We are actually up to arrest that criminal.’

‘Raymond was murdered on my order, so no matter if Alfred did it or his partner, I’m the criminal.’

‘Don’t teach me the law, tell me why did you kill Alfred?’ Saying this he looks at the cop standing behind, ‘Go and bring George, I have some questions to ask.’

‘Yes sir!’ the cop says leaving the lock up cell.

‘So, tell me what happened after you ordered Alfred to go and act as yourself in front of Christina.’

So, Alan getting more frustrated starts narrating the story of a week ago,

Unexpected News

“I always knew that coming up events cast their shadows before, but this time there was no fire before the smoke was seen. Two months after my confrontation with Alfred, something happened which I didn’t expect to happen. I was returning to Christina at her home. She used to live with her maid in her pent house. She often persuaded me to live with her, under one roof. But I used to enjoy living as a tramp.

As I reached her home, I rang her bell. She came outside and angrily said,

‘Now, what do you want?’

‘Are you still mad at me?’ I said moving inside.

She got angrier and stopped me. She tried to push me outside.

‘What’s wrong with you Christi?’ I said angrily resisting my arm.

‘Why are you here? We broke up, remember?’

‘Broke up? Are you out of your senses?’

She angrily slapped me and yelled,

‘Get out, right now! I don’t ever want to see you again.’

Then, I also got angrier and exclaimed in a heavy voice,

‘What the hell is wrong with you today? Why are you acting as if you are insane?’

‘I also asked the similar question, the last day when we broke up.’

‘Last day?’ I asked realising something, ‘Which day are you talking about?’

‘The day you fought Eddie.’

‘Your brother Eddie?’ I asked realising at once that Alfred had created the problem, ‘I’m sorry can you tell me what happened that day.’

‘Excuse me? Now you’re acting as if you don’t know anything, right?’

‘Actually Christina, I was drunk,’ I lied pretending to be serious, ‘Really, trust me, I don’t remember anything about that day. My friends gave me too much drink that day that I was really out of my mind.’

‘Now that makes sense,’ she said believing me.

‘So, what happened that day?’

‘That day, when you entered the home, you were acting as if you knew nothing about me. You were looking at me as you never saw me before. My brother Eddie was already home that day, and he secretly said to me that you weren’t actually drunk, but you were acting like this on purpose. I sort of believed him. Perhaps, you over heard us and started talking rubbish about us.’

‘Oh no,’ I whispered getting angry on Alfred.

‘When I tried to stop you, you started abusing me and said dirty talks about us. Eddie got angrier and began to fight, but you just broke his arm with one hard kick. I began to cry and asked you the question, which you did earlier right now. And then you said to me ‘let’s break up’ and while saying this you left my home.’

‘Unbelievable man!’ I said getting angrier than ever, ‘So Alfred, I mean I got your brother injured and destroyed our relationship myself.’

‘Yes and I hate you for that, and I have decided that we’re not re-uniting ever.’

‘There’s a lot explanation that I have to give you regarding the secret behind that day. You’re unaware of a big fact, but in short, I swear upon God that I haven’t done any harm to your brother.’

After hearing this, she got a little confused. And I left her home immediately losing my temper.

My Intention to Murder

Finally, I decided to kill Alfred and do nothing else. I was intended to murder him secretly in his apartment. I used to think that Raymond was the worst person I knew, but Alfred almost changed my judgment with one incident. Although, this matter could be resolved any other way, but my hot temper only forced me to kill him for creating a chaos at my girlfriend’s home.

Earlier today at the evening, I went to my boss Jack and took his sharp dagger from a desk, where he used to play cards. He was standing by the table’s side and he said to me,

‘You were always frightened of committing murders, today you seem to be over coming your fear.’

‘Some treacherous incidents even turn angels into devils…’

‘I agree, a personality can never be judged by clothes, right?’

‘But those clothes cannot save that person from the upcoming danger,’ I replied firmly.

‘Take this,’ he said giving me his gun, ‘This dagger’s speed is not as much faster as that of a bullet.’

‘Thanks,’ I said taking the pistol.

I left the garage, which was our home place or sort of an office. I went on foot to the Wellington tower and decided to murder my brother.

8:30 sharp, I was standing outside his apartment, knocking his door wildly. Some people were panicked seeing me. I was getting angrier as I knew that he was inside and just not opening the door because of my fear. So, I just kicked the door hardly more than seven times due to which the door lock broke. I went inside breaking it further and yelled,

‘Alfred, where are you?! Come out…’

There was no answer for about five minutes. After that, I looked around and saw his dead body lying in a room, with a gunshot on his head and a pistol in hand. I realised that it was actually a suicide. So, getting scared without thinking of anything I threw my pistol outside. I was quite surprised and confused thinking about why he had shot himself”.

Inspector Kevin keeps a Condition

Alan stops telling the story and looks outside towards cops bringing George inside the cell. The inspector asks George to stand with Alan. Then he looks at Alan and says,

‘Are you sure this was a suicide?’

‘Yes, this was a suicide I guarantee, or at least I swear I didn’t kill him.’

‘So Mr George?’ he says looking at George, ‘You lied to us, this one is not Alfred.’

‘No, he is, he is’ he lies.

‘Okay, we know that he’s not, but right now I have some conditions for both of you.’

‘In return of?’ Alan asks.

‘Now, listen to me carefully, Ottawa is a city of peace, crime doesn’t take place so often here… so if you two won’t cooperate with us, then the crime rate here will increase. So, coming to the point, I want you Alan to help us arrest your boss Mr Jack, we have to arrest him. If you’ll do this, I’ll forgive your crime of Raymond’s murder which was actually your plan and secondly, I’ll give you a job in return.’

‘Wait a second, wait a second…’ George interrupts surprisingly, ‘a job in the prison, do people get jobs in the prisons…’

‘He’s not going in the jail. I mean he didn’t murder Alfred. He’s not a criminal according to the law. Alfred committed a suicide…’

‘Suicide? Sir, please can I make a phone call?’

George says.

‘Give him his cell phone,’ the Inspector orders his cop.

As the cop takes out his cell phone, George snatches it and immediately calls someone, he whispers on the phone call,

‘They’ve figured out that he is not Alfred…’

‘No problem, I have another plan,’ someone replies back.

‘What about my escape?’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll let you out

form there…’

His call ends, he deletes the number from the call log. He gives back his cell phone to the cop and looks at the Inspector,

‘Okay, what do you want

from me?’

‘The serial killer Rolf, I’ll then give you amnesty from your previous crimes,’ he lies.

‘…Okay,’ he says after thinking for a while.

‘Good, we’ll start working on this mission tomorrow.’

He leaves the cell with his cops while keeping Alan and George in their custody.

to be continued...