Elite: Season 5

  • 23 Apr - 29 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Some shows are cancelled way before their time. Likewise, some shows outstay their welcome and drag on for far too long. They lose what initially made them appealing and become a shell of their former self. Elite then is a bit of both in many ways. While there are reasons to keep the show going, it also feels like a series that’s way past its sell-by date. Elite’s cocktail of romance, drama and murder mystery may not be to everyone’s taste but there’s something palpable and gripping with the format. Last season the cracks were there for all to see but an enticing murder mystery did well to paper over some of the issues. Season five however, does not have that luxury. With half the cast moving on and onto bigger and better things, those left behind are joined by new characters who don’t quite have the same allure as their previous stars. The storyline continues to add a murder mystery element though, and this time it comes in the form of a mysterious figure floating face-down in a swimming pool. Drama ensues though when a video from Elodie surfaces, accusing Phillipe of assault. He becomes public enemy at school, although new student Isadora rallies by his side alongside Cayetana. There are a few other subplots that show during this year too but a hasty finale feels more like sequel bait than a genuinely enticing and satisfying resolution.