Hard Cell

  • 23 Apr - 29 Apr, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Catherine Tate was one of the few bright spots during the run of the U.S. version of The Office. So, why not make a show where she plays six different characters? Laura feels that she can improve the lives of the women in her prison through the arts, instead of the usual method of cracking down on inmates who violate rules. She’s mounting a prison production and has invited documentary cameras in to film it all. Her “number 2,” Dean (Christian Brassington), thinks she’s completely ineffective; he resents that she used to be an event planner, and that his goal is to get her to say “number 2” on camera as much as possible. Laura doesn’t even recognise her celebrity director, Cheryl Fergison from EastEnders, confusing her for an inmate at first, then telling her she’d fit right in because “you have the look.” Cheryl tries to get people to pay attention. Martin (Duncan Wisbey) tries to warn Laura about the plumbing, but she’s too entranced with the leather-bound librettos that she made for the production to care. Also at the prison is Ange (Tate), who is new and thinks that her lawyers will get her off the charges against her; Big Viv (Tate), who goes homicidal at the slightest provocation. Guarding them is Omar (Tate), who makes sure that everyone’s hairstyles are culturally appropriate.