Saba Qamar

On my birthday I visited Edhi Centre to celebrate my happiness with these beautiful angels so that I could bring a smile on their adorable faces. I tried my best to leave them with happiness and I hope to see them again very soon and they've taken a promise from me.

Shaniera Akram

Seeing is Believing. This Ramadan, we ask you to come and visit us and see for yourself, the incredible work being done at @NichPakistan. A 500 bed pediatric hospital in Karachi that gives FREE of COST lifesaving treatment to over one million sick children every single year!

Feroze Khan

Aye Musht e Khaak trending in India. It’s not about trending just there but in that population holding such a strong spot for the second time shows that the message was sent across to a good number of people. I want to thank the viewers across the world. It’s you, always you.


I am so glad the acting community has come out so strongly in Pakistan’s support. We are all allowed an opinion and we have used our platforms according to our convictions. For me, it is a display of strength and character.

Mehreen Syed

We as women don't realise how much sports are important in our lives, we have prioritised other activities around us, its high time to encourage our kids especially girls to take part in all the extra-curricular activities around them. #womensupportwomen #mehreensyed.