We have all seen the integrity of #TheCitizensFoundation and the life changing opportunities the foundation has created for children. As always we appeal to the old and new @TCFPak supporters to please donate generously to give all children the right to a quality education.

Sanam Saeed urges everyone to give their zakat for education and help TCF keep the dreams of these children alive who even being very young work to support their families. Yet, they go to their school every day with big dreams in their hearts. It is about time that we help them as much as we can.

Everybody has the freedom and right to support any political party they want but that doesn’t mean you forget the basics like respect and tolerance. Kindly stop abusing over political differences, there’s always a dignified way to put your point across. Don’t make these difficult times worse.

Being an important part of the society we should always fearlessly express our thoughts and put our opinions forward against any sort of injustice. But endorsing something should be done in a certain way without letting go the morality and dignity. Actress Hareem Farooq strongly expresses that respect and tolerance shouldn’t be forgotten despite your differences with others.

A Christian and a Hindu helped me pray Asr just now and set an example of tolerance. At Nabila’s salon, makeup artist for today (who is Hindu) held up faucet so I could perform Wudu easily and the other makeup artist (did my makeup last night), who is Christian, spread out the jaanamaz for me.

Ushna Shah is an avid supporter of inclusivity. An incident where two non-Muslims helped her offer her prayers might seem a very normal thing to everyone. But it speaks highly of how tolerant people should be in order to live together with unity.