Around 63% of Pakistan’s population is between the ages of 15 and 33. Our youth needs our attention and support particularly when it comes to #mentalhealth. Help us support others with the @britishasiantst.

Sanam Saeed strongly advocates the mental health cause as she believes that it is the dire need of the hour to pay attention to our youth and help them in shaping their mental wellbeing positively as they are the most prone ones to different mental illnesses in these difficult times.

Politics aside, abusing animals is unacceptable and cruel. Horses, donkeys and mules are sentient beings, they experience emotions like pain, loneliness, happiness and joy just like us. Please don’t do this. #AnimalAbuse

Armeena Khan stands firm against the alarming increase in animal abuse incidents. She urges everyone to think of them as living beings and understand that the harm caused to them results in traumatising pain for them in the same way that is experienced by us humans.

Rest in peace #BilqueesEdhi. Arguments and political discourse on one side, Pakistanis are forever united under the grace and privilege of having had Edhi Sahab and his wife be a guiding light and help to us in our darkest and most helpless times. We are forever indebted.

Mother of orphans – Bilquis Edhi, a noted Pakistani human rights activist, recently passed away in Karachi. She worked side by side with her late husband Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder of Pakistan's best-known social services network, and was a major force in helping Pakistan's most impoverished, especially women and children. Mansha Pasha pays a heartwarming tribute to the late humanitarian who was a ray of sunshine for the most vulnerable in our society.