• 30 Apr - 06 May, 2022
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  • Beauty

Crafting the perfect Eid look requires a few steps: Finding the perfect outfit, sweeping your hair into a fun hairstyle and perhaps most importantly, creating the ultimate festive makeup look. This year, consider some of our favourite looks for inspiration, and find a new signature that you'll love.

Embrace an all-out highlight

There's nothing better than a strategically placed swipe of highlighter to supercharged tired, dull-looking skin. Mastering lit-from-within cheekbones and wide-awake eyes is that much easier thanks to this multi-masking makeup product. When you're going out to an Eid party or hosting dinner at home, highlighter will shine through the night. For an all-over glow, apply a cream formula to the high points of your face – across your cheekbones, down your nose and on your brow bones. If you'd like to just focus on your high cheekbones, sweep a glistening powder highlighter where the light would catch your face.

Keep it simple with monochromatic makeup

You can apply the same shade on your eyes, cheeks and lips for a beauty look that is easier to pull off than you think, especially if your outfit is colourful and bold in the first place. Try a creamy pigment as they're more malleable – even finger application works for this kind of makeup.

Play with bold eye makeup

The best part about Eid makeup looks is that there are no restrictions to how much you can experiment. You have the freedom to play around with colours and finishes, just like you do your outfits. Want to amp up your signature wing? Try a geometric liner shape to frame the eyes without overwhelming the rest of the look. Wearing a jewel-toned outfit? Line your eyes in the same shade to give matchy-matchy makeup a festive spin. Another must-have? Pile on the mascara – it’ll help maintain the doe-eyed look you need to hide the excitement of holding a winning hand.

Place your bets on red lipstick

There’s no denying it – red lipstick is a true power move. Nudes and pinks work well when you’re wearing a heavy outfit, but a red lip will guarantee head turns. If you’re meeting people you don’t know well, your favourite red lipstick will serve as a confidence booster and mood lifter. Choose a fire-engine red, or tone it down with a brick red.