Sahiba Afzal invites flak from netizens for her views on not wanting daughters


Time and again, on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram celebrities have been trolled either for their looks or for the choice of their films and whatnot. The most recent celebrity to face the wrath of the Internet is Sahiba Afzal. During an appearance with her husband and sons on Nida Yasir’s morning show, Sahiba was asked if she ever wished of having a daughter to which she replied, “I always wanted sons.” Fair enough. There’s nothing wrong in having a preference. What went wrong was when she stated her reason for not wanting a daughter. She said, “I am thankful over the fact that God did not give me a daughter in this day and age, because daughters face too much pressure. Their whole lives they never get their own way. First it's the parents’ pressure, then it's the husband’s pressure. She has no will of her own. Girls don’t have a life of their own.” However, she issued a clarification on the on-going controversy and mentioned that she said it in a state of concern and fear for daughters and their worldly fate.