Mahira Khan appointed as the new British Asian Trust ambassador

For a Cause

Mahira Khan apart from her acting endeavours is known for using use her influence right to advocate for a change in the society. Recently, the actress has been appointed as an ambassador for British Asian Trust. She is one of the celebrities appointed as part of the Trust’s ‘Peace of Mind’ campaign which aims to create awareness on mental health issues stigmas. Mahira and the Trust announced the big news on social media. “I am proud to come on board as one of the official ambassadors for the British Asian Trust for their work in South Asia. Even prouder, to be able to spread awareness about mental health with their campaign ‘Peace of Mind’ in Pakistan,” she wrote. “Talking more about mental health, breaking the stigma around it and helping more people access support is so important – so they can have peace of mind. No one should ever have to suffer in silence,” she added. Mahira also urged her followers to learn about mental health issues and stop treating them as taboo subjects. She attended the annual Iftar event of the Trust in London along with other celebrity ambassadors, business leaders and supporters. She also gave a keynote address in support of the Peace of Mind campaign which focuses on raising awareness of and increasing access to mental health programmes in Pakistan and Bangladesh.