Two Tales of Betrayal

  • 30 Apr - 06 May, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

The Crossfire

Next morning, at around eight o’ clock, Inspector Kevin, Alan and George leave the police station in a police vehicle along with the four other police vans. Someone mysterious in a black tinted car follows them from behind.

Moments later, they reach the spot lead by George. They see a small villa, where there were two guards standing outside with their arms and guns. As the guards see the police force, they immediately begin to fire gunshots on their vehicles. The cops then take immediate action opened the doors and started to shower their bullets on them. Both the guards die on spot as a result of heavy firing from both the sides, with gunshots.

The serial killer Rolf sees them from his window secretly, took out his phone form the pocket and makes a phone call to his men.

Meanwhile, at the police station, one of the cops who had kept Alfred’s cell phone with him and other documents regarding their business which were recovered from his apartment sees Alfred’s cell phone ringing. He then receives the call and hears Rolf’s voice,

‘Alfred get here at my home immediately; the police force is attacking my house recklessly.’

As he ends his call, the police cop very much understands that Rolf was calling his gang to attack the police officers. So, he decides to inform Inspector Kevin about this.

Moments later, outside Rolf’s Villa, Inspector Kevin after getting report about their gang’s attack spreads his police force at many different positions from where the attack was possible.

Two of the police officers see two bikes coming with two men sitting on each one and one jeep with six men. Both the police officers boldly shoot all the men at the bikes. The jeep rushes fast towards them, but while they are shooting towards it’s front, they shoot the driver due to which, the jeep goes to a wrong direction and after crashing a pole, it turns upside down and all the gangsters sitting inside the car get badly injured.

From the opposite direction, two more gangs come on separate cars with three men in each one of the car. The sharp shooters who were inside the car started to shower bullets heavily on the police vehicles. All the cops then aim at them and start firing on them with their pistols and guns. Both the gangsters and some police officers also get shot and die on the spot.

Meanwhile, during the crossfire, George looks behind and sees a black vehicle waiting quite afar. Seeing the opportunity, he escapes from the police vehicle and runs behind, but is suddenly stopped by Alan who grabs his shirt from behind. George gives him a blow on face, but he still doesn’t let him go in the first place. Inspector Kevin turns behind and sees them. George then kicks Alan on the waist and runs away fast towards that car and sits inside. Alan fells and realises that he was running with Rolf’s other hit men.

When all the gangsters were shot dead or injured, Inspector Kevin goes inside the villa with other police officers, and finally arrests Rolf form there.

Alan Explains Christina

Next day, outside a private clinic of a gynecologist, Christina is standing outside who has just done an abortion of her child. She receives a call from Alan, which she answers angrily,

‘Hello Alan!’

‘Christina, where are you? I need to see you right now on the spot, on our spot.’

‘I’m going home; you can reach there but immediately I don’t have much time.’

‘Okay, but where are you now?’

‘There is a good news for you, your child has been murdered.’

‘Oh, thank goodness!!’ he sighs in relief.

She ends the call and angrily calls a taxi. She leaves on the taxi and reaches her home within a few minutes.

While she reaches home, she sees two police vehicles parked outside her home and waiting for her. Alan steps out from one of the vehicles and runs towards her,

‘Christina Christina, listen to me…. there’s a lot that I have to tell you but right now…’

‘…Right now, you’re going to listen…’ she interrupts, ‘I’ve been visiting these hospitals and clinics since a week and you have just switched off your cell phone, and there’s no surprise that being a criminal you’re found here with the police, what’s going on? Would you mind telling me about everything by now?’

‘Okay, but shut up shut up at first,’ he’s says getting irritated, ‘I’m explaining…I’ve been hiding this from you since the day we met, Alfred was my twin brother, he had killed our elder brother Raymond on my order. And then he was ordered to act as a substitute in front of you, of becoming myself. That day, the guy who fought your brother was not I, neither he was anyone drunk. He was actually my brother Alfred, who habitually fought you and Eddie, which eventually resulted in our break up.’

‘Hold on, hold on!’ she claims getting confused, ‘You mean the guy who fought my brother and me was your twin brother Alfred? How can I believe all this now, a very new story that you’re telling me right now?’

‘I have a proof for this,’ he says taking out a picture from his pocket and showing it to her, ‘see…now do you believe me? We both are brothers and we were like this few years back.’

‘Oh boy…then what?’

‘Then, I decided to take revenge by killing him. I went to his home with an intention to kill him. But as I entered inside, he had already committed a suicide. And all the fuss was created when the police arrived and considered me to be the killer.’

‘So, are you still in their custody?’

‘Only till the time I help them in arresting my boss Mr Jack.’

‘So, they are letting you go even though they claim you to be a murderer.’

‘No, actually I’ve told them the real story, they are accepting it only on behalf of Mr Jack, getting alive. If I do this much for them they won’t demand any proof for not committing the murder and I will be spared form any kind of punishment of the murder.’

‘Oh, come on, just try my idea, kill the inspector and then escape with me somewhere outside from Ottawa.’

‘One should not bite the hand that feeds him, if I murder him then instead of getting an amnesty I would definitely be imprisoned because I really am not that smart in double-crossing the police which you are thinking.’

‘Okay, so tell me once you hand over your boss, you won’t be having any sort of occupation to make money or earn a living…’

‘No, Inspector Kevin has promised me that he would offer me a job against all this that I am doing.’

‘I think they are offering you too much against handing over just one person.’

‘Okay Christina, now I’m leaving, just hope positively for my return.’

‘I always hope for the best but I also prepare for the worst…’

‘But not this time…’

Saying this he immediately leaves her, and sits inside the police vehicle with Inspector Kevin.

A Fatal Encounter

Early in that evening, Mr Jack is sitting in a double cabin wagon with his driver. Their vehicle has quite a large amount of drugs loaded on its second cabin. Their vehicle is standing outside their garage. His driver then says to him,

‘Sir, you’re about to earn a lot of money from your upcoming deals.’

‘No, you cannot count your chickens until they are hatched…’

‘Yes, but you’ve been in this business since five years and you haven’t been caught, not even a single time. All of your employees are very faithful to you, don’t you think?’

‘Don’t forget that all the glitters is not gold,’ Jack says smartly.

‘I didn’t get you sir…’

‘What I mean is that everything is not like what it appears to be. People say that what they hear can be a lie but what they see is clearly a truth. This is where they are doing a major blunder, because other than words and statements appearances can also be deceptive…’

‘Really? So, you mean there is someone as a rat for police in your department?’

‘Yes and unfortunately for him, I know who he is…it’s Alan…’

‘Alan?? how come?’

‘I kept Rocky behind him to keep an eye on him, and Rocky told me that he is under the police custody.’

‘So, does this mean that we all are in danger?’

‘Definitely and its time for war now…’

Within a minute, Mr Jack orders all his men to prepare for a war, as police was about to reach them.

An hour later, Inspector Kevin and Alan reach with their team to Mr Jack’s secret hideout and their officers start taking different positions. One of the teams of cops drives their vehicle close to their garage. But all of sudden, a grenade is thrown by someone that the explosion blasts their whole vehicle that it flies away to a greater height.

Inspector Kevin and other cops pick out larger weapons such as machine guns and attack them with non-stop consecutive bullets. During that cross fire Inspector Kevin takes out a heavy weapon and keeps it before Alan. Alan examines it carefully and finds out it was bazooka.

Meanwhile, a little distance away from the cross fire, George is standing against the black vehicle and enjoying the scene as a T.V. show. After a while he sits inside the vehicle with a mysterious person and they drive away.

Most of Mr Jack’s men die but he himself secretly escapes from the place and decides to avenge Alan at some other time when he would be found alone. Many of the police officers also die in this horrific and war like crossfire, and Alan finally picks up the bazooka and blasts the entire garage with just one shot.

George Calls

A couple of hours later, Inspector Kevin and Alan arrive near Christina’s home in their half broken vehicle. Alan steps out and looks at Kevin,

‘We had a deal, I got both of your criminals arrested or killed.’

‘Yes, thank you for your co-operation, now according to our deal you can join that pharmaceutical store from next week as your new job.’

‘Sir, but you didn’t get Jack…’

‘Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s dead in that blast, which you did at the garage.’

‘Honestly sir, now I realise that I’m no more a tramp, but have been transformed into a scamp’

‘Scamp? You mean a troublemaker…’

‘Yes, wherever I go, like I created trouble at Alfred’s apartment and then I went to a serial killer Rolf’s place and created trouble outside destroying lives. The same happened at Mr Jack’s hideout, an easily resolvable case solved in a fatal encounter. I created an explosion there…’

‘There’s nothing wrong with becoming a scamp,’ Inspector laughs, ‘you didn’t created trouble; it was the police and those criminals. And secondly, being a scamp is a progress for a guy like you.’

‘Thanks a lot,’ he smiles.

Alan shakes hands with him and leaves him advancing towards Christina’s house. The police vehicle leaves him and moves to an opposite direction.

He knocks the house’ door, but no one comes out of the home. He keeps on knocking wildly for five minutes still no one comes out. He angrily breaks the door lock by kicking it wildly and enters inside. As he enters inside, he finds a dead body of her maid with blood all over on her face. He takes out his cell phone and calls Christina in panic. As the call is answered, a familiar voice replies,

‘Hello Alan, we’ve been waiting for your call very anxiously…’

‘Hey, you are the guy who worked for…George! What are you doing? Where’s Christina?’

‘She’s right here, next to my pistol…’

‘Listen George, I know I had done a loss to your business, but please don’t harm her. What do you want from me???’

‘I am texting you an address, reach there tomorrow anyhow by the afternoon at one o’clock. And yes, this time come alone and not in the police custody… got it!’

George ends the call. Alan gets alert, as he knew something was about to happen.

He receives a text message in his cell phone. He walks alone at his home for a while and says to himself,

‘George, a hungry dog of my twin brother is asking me to come alone without any valuable sum of money. There is something very fishy about this phone call which I don’t know at the moment, and I can bet someone else is behind all this…’

Then, he prepares for an upcoming rescue mission. He finds his pistol in her closet, which he had kept in her home for her security purpose.

to be continued...