Choose or Die

A rebellious teen and his mother argue heatedly while their dad/husband Hal (Eddie Marsan) sits in another room obsessing over his 1980s video games – as usual. He fires up a game called CURS>R. It is one of those games which had no graphics and they’d prompt players with questions and you’d type in answers to continue the adventure, it seems to have the power to manipulate the user’s reality. And before you know it, horrible things happen to Hal’s family and then you forget about these people for an hour because they don’t show up again until the third act. Three months later, we meet Kayla (Iola Evans). She lives with her depressed mother Thea (Angela Griffin), who self-medicates with hard drugs. Kayla had a younger brother but something tragic happened to him. In her bedroom she has a little workshop where she repairs vintage computers. She pals around with fellow retro-gear dweeb Isaac (Asa Butterfield), who’d like to be her boyfriend but she doesn’t seem interested. They come across a copy of CURS>R and she takes it and parks in a restaurant and fires it up on her laptop and next thing you know, the game possesses Kayla’s waitress and forces her to chew and swallow shards of glass. Kayla slams her laptop shut but that doesn’t do it. The world becomes a crazy dreamscape with her dead brother in it which is just the start.