Ushna Shah

Internationally, Pakistani cricket team making us proud, actors and filmmakers winning Oscars, musician brought home a Grammy, platforms like Coke Studio shaking the world and then we have these repulsive acts of hooliganism and violence during this political turmoil that sadly, bring shame.

Asim Azhar

Aik choti si koshish… I grew up listening to these Durood O’ Salaam from my mother and grandmother and wanted to present this to you guys with all the love for Almighty and our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Maya Ali

This is absolutely heart breaking. Can’t imagine what her parents are going through. Let’s pray together for #DuaZehra that she returns to her home safely. I request the authorities to take strong action and bring her back to her parents.

Frieha Altaf

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It is our shame when we belittle someone who has got the courage to speak up! @ayesha_m_omar #naumanejaz

Haroon Rashid

Ahad and Ramsha’s characters in Hum Tum reminds me of Aamir and Juhi’s characters in Ishq. It’s not Ishq level good – because that is untouchable. But it’s enjoyable. The chemistry between Junaid and Sarah’s characters is a bit like Ajay and Kajol in Ishq too.