What is your opinion on drugstore skincare? Do they work the same as the brands with a higher price tag?

It depends on the ingredients. Bigger brands, of course, look better in appearance and have good PR for their products, and sometimes can focus on those more than their ingredients itself. You should check the ingredients list for both carefully. Drugstore skincare can sometimes be better.

How do I know if my skin concern is eczema or psoriasis?

Psoriasis is more persistent and permanent. Eczema is often temporary; it disappears and appears. For both, you’ll need to see a doctor and get a professional opinion. You cannot self-diagnose them.

Do you really need a daytime and nighttime moisturiser? What’s the difference?

Personally, we like to use different moisturisers for day and night because of the consistency and richness of them. In the day, most women need to wear makeup and if you use a richer moisturiser (typical of night moisturisers), it’ll disrupt the makeup application process on your skin. A light moisturiser is still the best to use under makeup. Day moisturisers also tend to contain SPF, which is great for preventing sun damage. If you have dehydrated skin however, it’s better to use a rich moisturiser at all times of the day.

How long does it take for a new skincare routine to work?

We hate to break this news to you, but skin care takes time to work. There is no quick fix overnight miracle cream or product that will instantly address your concerns. If there was, whoever invented it would be seriously rich and we’d all be living the dream. Generally speaking, products can take minimum four weeks to'work. Ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin A that are often used to treat concerns such as pigmentation, signs of ageing and blemishes need time to take effect at a cellular level. And when we say time, we mean months. However, certain products can deliver noticeable, superficial results, and quickly. For example, hydrating serums can give the skin an instantly plumped or softer appearance. Some exfoliating products can give the skin a smoother, more glowy appearance overnight because they work on the surface layers of the skin. There are also some brightening serums that contain iridescent or shimmer particles to deliver an immediate, subtle glow. In short: Skin care is not a quick fix. It takes time and we need to be consistent.