Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed starrer upcoming drama highlights betrayal and sacrifice

The first teaser of Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed's upcoming drama is out now. The untitled drama revolves around a girl's crucial journey. 7th Sky Entertainment shared the teaser and captioned it, "We are delighted to announce our upcoming project narrating a heart-wrenching journey of betrayal and dejection leading to distrust in every relationship." The teaser starts off with a dream, Hashmi envisions herself living a lavish life – her bathwater is filled with rose petals as a maid tends to do her hair. Dressed in red, she lifts her dupatta amidst a gathering of men to reveal a very decked up girl. And then, Hashmi opens the doors to her actual house and we see her dream vanishes as reality settles in and the camera zooms in on her straw hut. What follows is flashes of places and people as other characters’ step into the picture, including Juvaria Abbasi who yells at Hashmi, provoking her by bringing up her dead mother. Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama encapsulates "a young girl’s journey amidst conflicting loyalties and self-sacrifice." The cast along with Hashmi and Waheed as main leads includes Sabeena Farooq, Seemi Raheel, Kashif Mahmood, Juvaria Abbasi and Saife Hasan. Mazhar Moin is behind the show’s direction.