Singer Bilal Saeed’s latest track ‘Allah Hoo’ receives wide acclaim and recognition

Spiritual awakening

Bilal Saeed is back with what he does best and has once again mesmerised us all with his melodious vocals echoing through the mountains and valleys, conveying a very powerful spiritual message in Allah Hoo and this beautiful Hamd e Baari Taala is touching the chords of our hearts. Allah Hoo is a Hamd written, composed and produced by Bilal Saeed himself, directed by Murtaza Niaz and a presentation by One Two Records and Regen.PK is being widely applauded as a masterpiece, having crossed one million + views on YouTube and trending in Pakistan since it was released earlier this month. This Hamd is the voice of every believer who yearns to please his Creator and longs to grow closer to Him. Allah Hoo resonates with every believer out there who longs to express his gratitude to his Creator and aims to grow stronger in faith each day. After the release of Allah Ho, Bilal Saeed has gained even more popularity, touching every soul and bringing out their love for their Creator.