Is Ahsan Khan returning as the bad guy in upcoming drama serial ‘Fraud’?

First look!

Some actors are born heroes. A chiselled jawline, a pleasant face and a penchant for respectable roles can paint some actors into a heroic corner that makes everything they do seem admirable. These are the guys you want to be flying the plane when the engine falls off, the people who you ask to fight for you in court, the ones who might make an inspiring speech at your wedding. Some actors might be naturals at playing heroes, but when they occasionally decide to try something different, they often prove they're even better at being bad. One such actor is Ahsan Khan. Televisions good/bad boy is returning with an all new drama titled Fraud. The teasers for the drama dropped recently. Ahsan’s character is introduced to us as someone very mysterious. He drives an Audi while telling someone that he is heading out to Dubai, however, he steps out of the luxury car in the middle of Lahore. He is all dressed up but a voiceover in the background tells him, “Once they discover your reality, they will do to you what you have done to girls all this time”. In the next frame, Ahsan changes into a kurta and dhoti, talks in a Punjabi accent and demands two glasses of lassi. This makes us wonder, what really is his reality? As the title entails, seems like Ahsan’s character is going to be the fraud in the drama.