Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui came together for the telefilm ‘Love Life ka Law’

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Actors Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui starred together in the light-hearted telefilm Love Life ka Law and played romantic interests. It was interesting to witness the on-screen chemistry of this real life couple. Directed by Ali Faizan, the plot of the show revolved around "two young lawyers who cross paths again after a failed relationship, only to help their clients win a divorce case." "There's only one law that governs love life and it's accepting someone's flaws just as you accept their strengths," the voiceover said in the beginning of the clip before introducing us to the characters. The teaser reached its conflict point when the two lawyers, Abbas and Siddiqui, ended up as defendants at opposite ends of a couple wanting a divorce. Old memories stirred up and chaos ensues as they handle their clients. The end featured a hopeful climax point where the old lovers find their way back to each other. Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the film's cast also included Aagha Ali, Sidra Niazi, Mahmood Aslam, Saba Faisal, Samina Ahmed, Ali Rizvi, Ayesha Rajput, Aslam Piya, Natalia Awais and Ahmed Bashir.